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#rabbleEye: The Ninth Floor.

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A stunning photography project by documentary maker Jessica Dimmock gives a visceral insight into the life of drug addicts in lower Manhattan. The Ninth Floor. The Ninth Floor documents a group of addicts who moved into the apartment of a former millionaire in a wealthy neighbourhood in downtown Manhattan. Joe Smith, in his mid 60s, allowed a young addict to move into a spare bedroom in his large three-bedroom apartment … Read More

#rabbleEye Susannah Benjamin

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Winner of the Irish Times Amateur Photographer of the Year award 2013, Susannah Benjamin, hails from Greenwich, Connecticut in the US. She is yet to leave her teens but can boast a back catalogue as extensive as many keen photographers twice her age. Honours aside she has also credits as Beyoncé’s press photographer and numerous magazine covers and shoots. Her work is powerful and highly personal. She explores youth and … Read More

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#rabbleEye: Irene Siragusa Photography

In #rabble6, Blog, Culture, Print Editionby Irene Siragusa1 Comment

Irene Siragusa Captures The Messy Side Of The Night Time Economy I don’t like the fact that Temple Bar area is sold as the Cultural Quarter of Dublin by Temple Bar Cultural Trust. Its economical value is extremely obvious at night when I went out to take these photos, that’s between 2am and 4am. This generates a sort of ‘threshold of tolerance’ for which social behaviours that usually would not … Read More

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#rabbleEye: Witness The Shitness.

In Blog, Culture, Politicsby Rashers TierneyLeave a Comment

We’ve carried a few pieces about our bullshit licensing laws in rabble. Inevitably there’s always a line about the madness that pours out on to the streets after the taps all stop. DIT Final Year photographer Irene Siragusa has been stalking the blood stained streets of Dublin to add pictorial evidence to our glib cliches of night time lunacy. The work is exhibited down in the Institute of Photography in Temple Bar, … Read More

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#rabbleEye: Good King Billy?

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The Flickr account of the National Library of Ireland posts photographs daily from their ever-increasing archive. The Library asks the public for help identifying the subjects, place and dates of the photos and it is a veritable treasure chest for amateur historians, photography buffs and Hibernophiles. In this scene William III is seen mounted in College Green and through the work of the commenters we get a date and some … Read More

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Behan’s Ass

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As it’s Easter week and we’re feeling all nostalgic for rebel songs and warm porter we thought we’d leave this charming photo up. Speaking of Behan, here’s a rarely seen documentary on Dublin by Behan himself with music from the Dubliners. Enjoy For similar photos check out the photographic archive.

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Palestinian Sports

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 The village of Bil’in is the site of  weekly Friday protests as seen in the Oscar nominated ‘5 Broken Cameras’. So used to attacks from Israeli Defence Forces are the locals and activists that they are proficient in dealing with projectiles in a new manner. Beautiful photographs taken today from this facebook page.

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Paradise Lost

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  In 1967, Dr. William Podlich took a two-year leave of absence from teaching at Arizona State University and began a stint with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to teach in the Higher Teachers College in Kabul, Afghanistan, where he served as the “Expert on Principles of Education.” His wife Margaret and two daughters, Peg and Jan, came with him. This extensive collection of candid photographs opens … Read More

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[Look Up 4] Panels For Proles

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At a protest outside the Dáil one day we found ourselves taking shelter from the rain in that sad-looking square next door. Taking a look about us we saw some extraordinary sculptures that have a certain totalitarian feel and topped off by some kind of Ironman-Michael O’Leary character spewing aircraft across the balcony. We gave Lisa Cassidy a bell, she’s behind the award-winning blog, and asked does she know … Read More

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#rabbleEye: Wally Cassidy

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We asked the street photographer for a few words. Here’s what he had to say… I used to do a lot of street photography back then and you’d go wherever the big crowd was really. The market, the GPO – there was always republican protests on there, Dessie Ellis that kind of thing. Robert Capa, Elliot Erwitt sparked my interest of course but it was really Podge O’Farrell. He took … Read More