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The Hateful Eighth.

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Above: Paul Reynolds caught this very telling photograph at last year’s Rally For Life. Since its introduction in 1983 the 8th amendment has created an environment where responsibility of control for the pregnant woman is in the hands of the Health Care Provider. For practicing midwives, this is a scary position to be in. Polly Molotov is a registered midwife and general nurse and takes us through the problems it creates. It … Read More

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The Boogeyman of Balance.

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Listening to Marian Finucane interviewing anyone on a Sunday morning can be a slog but sometimes she makes a comment that sheds light on the modus operandi of the national broadcaster. Her “from both sides” comment when interviewing Katie Ascough last November got Sean Finnan thinking about RTÉ’s juggling act when it comes to balance.

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Bring It Back.

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Ever heard of Grace Dyas? You should have. Her recent production Not At Home won Best Production at last year’s Dublin Fringe Festival – and could soon be coming to a town near you. Patrick McCusker caught up with Grace yesterday to find out more and hear about their fundraising campaign to take it on the road.

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After Repeal – What?

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It’s been thirty four years since the eight amendment was added to the constitution, and it looks like 2018 will be the year we may finally get rid of it. What we’ll actually get to vote on remains to be seen. With the repeal movement so giddily high, it’s easy to forget that removing the amendment mightn’t be enough. Cathy Flynn surveyed campaigners across the island to suss out what battles might be on the horizon.

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Countering the Crucifixes.

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Tomorrow the American funded zealots are having their rally for constricting the choice of women. Rally for Choice is holding a counter demo to the lickspittle’s zest for keeping Irish women caught in the entrails of their palaeolithic beliefs. The rally kicks off at The Spire at 2PM. Get out and show your support. More information here.

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Thousands of marchers blocked O’Connell Bridge for a couple of hours on International Womens day in an impressive and well executed direct action at our archaic reproductive rights laws. Since we were on strike for the day in solidarity, here’s our belated rundown.

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Repeal Goes On Strike.

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We had a chat with #strike4repeal to see what it is all about.

We saw you put a call out for a strike in Ireland, what is your demand?

Aoife: We are demanding that the government give us a date for a referendum on repealing the 8th amendment. The state’s talking shop on this issue, coming on 34 years since the constitutional change, is dangerous and cowardly. The Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act 2013 just criminalised abortion further under the guise of a totally inaccessible ‘legal route’ which, given the case of Ms. Y, would be pretty ill-advisable for anyone to pursue. It seems the government is happy to wait around, delay and bow down to a minority wing of anti-choice zealots; we are not.

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#Strike4Repeal Launches! 8th Of March In Sights.

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Above: #Strike4Repeal call-out for International Women’s Day 2017. #repealthe8th After a weekend where millions around the world followed women in protest against Trump, there’s been a bit of a racket on the Irish social meeja about a #strike4repeal A facebuke page appeared last night issuing a call-out for a non-traditional #strike4repeal in Ireland on Wednesday the 8th of March, which is of course International Women’s Day. They released the below … Read More