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The Boogeyman of Balance.

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Listening to Marian Finucane interviewing anyone on a Sunday morning can be a slog but sometimes she makes a comment that sheds light on the modus operandi of the national broadcaster. Her “from both sides” comment when interviewing Katie Ascough last November got Sean Finnan thinking about RTÉ’s juggling act when it comes to balance.

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Opus Dei And The No Campaign.

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Fluffybiscuits did a little digging while the No campaigners were climbing lamposts around south Dublin. It looks like the “Mothers And Fathers Matter” shower are backed by Opus Dei. Ah Opus Dei – in Ireland since the 1940s to remind us that women are basically the Divil incarnate. They’ve been interfering in legislation, blocking reform and trying to haul us back to Franco’s era (or the Spanish Inquisition) with a whiff of cordite … Read More

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All the Marys: Women Speak About Using The Abortion Pill.

In #rabble9, Blog, Print Editionby rabble3 Comments

Together and full of grace. These are excerpts from a few different women’s stories. Were calling them the Marys because yis don’t need to know their real names, nor do the authorities. They all chose abortion. They all agreed to share their stories to help other people find the words to voice their experiences. One went to the UK, some ordered pills online, one miscarried though it was their intent … Read More

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Abortion Ship Doctor Slams Irish Policy.

In Blog, Interviews, Politicsby Tracy Brown Hamilton15 Comments

News broke over the weekend that a woman was forced to bear her rapist’s child having been denied an abortion after going on hunger strike. Tracy Brown Hamilton chatted to Rebecca Gomperts of Woman On Waves about how Ireland’s laws are failing women.   Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, 47,  is the founder and director of Women on Waves, an organization that, among other things sails a ship to countries where pregnancy termination is prohibited and offers … Read More

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Take The Boat.

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  Back in May two French film makers started a Touscoprod project to raise dosh to cover the production of a documentary on the lack of access to abortion in Ireland. Camille Hamet studied at the Sorbonne and in NYC before becoming a journalist, while Séréna Robin became a script writer after travelling. Their project has the working title of “Take The Boat” and with 158 backers it raised €10,080. The pair … Read More

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Humiliating Turnout for Youth Defence in Belfast.

In Blog, Politicsby Oireachtas Retort7 Comments

Youth Defence are on the move. Not too far unfortunately. Oireachtas Retort has a look at their day out.   Back in 2012, our intrepid photographer had great fun outside the Dáil I have never been challenged so often at any demonstration as this evening as to whom I ‘represent’, which paper, and do I know the truth about the story. While being herded around the big screens carrying a … Read More

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Dent Pride: Fears Father Dougal’s Brother Intends To Picket Dublin Pride.

In Blog, Humourby Fedayn23 Comments

An ultra-conservative Christian organisation called The American Society for Defense of Tradition, Family and Property are in Dublin this week  and there are fears they plan to picket the Dublin Pride Festival. (apologies for the Dougal quotes, we couldn’t resist). The organisation appears to be the parent body of an Irish group named Irish Society for Christian Civilisation. The ISFCC promotes rosaries against abortion and seems to be heavily invested in the … Read More

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The Iona Mind

In #rabble8, Politics, Print Editionby Oireachtas Retort12 Comments

Are we living in an Ireland of two halves? One looking towards a future of equal rights for all, free from the clutches of a church bathed in controversy, the other with more of a medieval take on things: anti-women, anti-LGBT, anti-choice. Oireachtas Retort investigates the proportions and finds that it appears to be the minority making the most noise.   It would be easy to think of the Iona … Read More