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Yanking For Jesus

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So it’s marching season once again. The Vigil 4 Life is taking place tomorrow at Merrion Square albeit with less hype than previous years. We thought we’d have a quick look at the support online and it’s surprisingly non-native! The official Twitter account is @NatVigil4Life and has been quiet for almost a year. It cranked up again 9 days ago with a few tweets about free buses for the elderly … Read More

David Quinn’s Short Memory

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It has been two months since Michelle Hennessy at The Journal started reporting on sex, lies and sellotape. At this stage we almost have the full set with Youth Defence caught claiming ‘women have a way of shutting it down’, the Precious Life ‘Guide to Sex’ and more recently Prolife Campaign are in on the act with ‘Lifeworks’ and Ronan Mullen promising “accurate, balanced and reliable information on pregnancy, adoption, … Read More

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Life Goes On: Youth Defence Haven’t Gone Away You Know.

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Youth Defence. Remember them? At last weekend’s poorly attended ‘Convention for Life’ Niamh Ui Bhriain & Bernadette Smyth outlined future plans. Oireachtas Retort sits through some crappy speeches. First off they are keen to emphasise the importance of ‘voting pro-life’. May elections will be the first concrete look at party standing since 2011 and anti-choice groups will be quick to claim the inevitable drop in government support. Niamh alleges she … Read More

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A Warning To NUIG Students.

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NUIG students are going to the polls again this week. Enoch Burke a prominent anti-gay campaigner is conflating paedophilia with homosexuality AND standing for Equality Officer. Last week rabble covered the attempts by Ireland’s Phelps family and assorted bigots to shut down NUIG Students Union support for Womens’ Rights and Palestinian Human Rights. Now the same family are back, running for office and campaigning against Gay Rights. Enoch Burke (pictured top) … Read More

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Irish Far-Right Targets Pro-Choice Supporters

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   Reports of far-right involvement in last year’s two ‘Rally for Life’ events have proven to be correct. Here we document some disturbing online evidence (see gallery) of far-right nationalists identifying, tracking and indirectly threatening pro-choice activists. “People from all walks of life attended the Rally for Life in Dublin. A path to a better Ireland, national reconstruction.” This video of the Rally For Life is published by someone calling … Read More

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We Don’t Need Iona Education

In Blog, Politicsby Mourre14 Comments documented a visit by a Catholic-only abstinence group ‘Pure In Heart’ to a Dublin school during which a bizarre ceremony was conducted involving sellotaping students together by the wrists. What else passes as ‘education’ from these groups? rabble reported earlier this month, on Ireland’s no.1 pro-life site publishing under a headline ‘Pregnancy from Rape is Rare’ that following rape women’s bodies  ‘may bring into play some natural defence mechanisms that reduce … Read More

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#rabbleRaker: Women Have A Way Of Shutting It Down

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Peter McGuire in yesterday’s Irish Times reports that secondary school students are being taught lies by teachers and anti-choice groups Family & Life (friends of Reform Alliance) and Life Pregnancy Care. The Irish Times interviewed 14 students, one of whom is quoted: Sarah says the class was also told that, in some countries, abortions are conducted right up to term, and that as the baby crowns they “crack its skull”. … Read More

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Charity Regulator Spells Trouble For Pro-Life & Reform Alliance

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Jim Daly TD accuses Pro-Life charity associated with Reform Alliance of targeting elderly & vulnerable for donations Speaking under Dáil privilege, Jim Daly TD adds to concerns over the Central Remedial Clinic and Rehab scandal with reference to Family & Life, the estranged Irish branch of Human Life International founded by Peter Scully of Youth Defence . The registered charity which refuses to co-operate with SIPO (Standards in Public Office) … Read More

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Is It Just A Game In Our Mind, My Iona?

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Watch yer heads lest ye get it swiped off your shoulders with a legal threat. With all the solicitors letters flying around, we mustn’t forget that Canadian researchers had to write to the constitutional convention about the not-at-all homophobic Iona Institute ‘misconstruing’ their work on parenting. You can read more via Thanks to @Oireachtas_RX

Repeal the Eighth

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It’s been a year since crowds held images of Savita Halappanavar outside Leinster House. Oireachtas Retort  wonders if we are starting to leave ‘vanity Ireland’ behind?   On the 18th February 1992 An Taoiseach Albert Reynolds stood in Dáil Éireann to outline details on Ireland’s injunction of a fourteen year old girl. He was followed by a brief statement from each opposition leader. As the Chair called time two deputies … Read More