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EDL Fascists against Fascism Something Something

In Blog, Humour, Politicsby Fedayn6 Comments

While we’d agree that you shouldn’t give fascism a platform we have to concede that when it’s as hilariously bankrupt as the EDL it’s worth showing for the lolz. This mass rally of English Defence League and some other racist organisation in Cambridge over the weekend attracted a dozen or so knuckle-draggers, a dog and this poor unfortunate. Being somewhat literate he used a couple of big words like ‘misogynist’ … Read More

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When It’s Okay To Hate.

In Blog, Culture, Politicsby Peg Leeson25 Comments

I’ve the alarm clock radio rather masochistically set to RTE One. I find the smug self-satisfied world of our nation’s greatest propaganda machine enough to jolt me out of bed on even these grim mornings. So imagine my mood as I woke up to a story about a home ear-marked for Traveller accommodation being burnt out in darkest Donegal. Discrimination to the Traveller community isn’t new. It has a long, ugly history in Ireland. … Read More

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Should we all be racist now Father?

In Blog, Culture, Politicsby Fedayn26 Comments

If it wasn’t passed around as fact it would be laughable. The Jerusalem Post is carrying a story which furthers Ireland’s reputation as the world leader in anti-semitic hate. Yeah, and here was us thinking it was the Chinese that Ted wanted us to hate. A bizarre attack on Caherciveen and Ireland by Sarah Honig (see here), a political analyst for many decades of the Jerusalem Post, begins by positing … Read More

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What’s on telly tonight?

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Tonight’s Live Register talks to people about their ongoing experiences within the direct provision asylum process in Ireland. We’ll hear about the ritual indignity and and ongoing fear of those living under the 24 hours a day threat of forceable deporatation, with many in this situation for 7 years. There will be illuminating reports including this – 8 individuals and contractors earned more than €30m between them in one year … Read More

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Nice work boys!

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The reputation of the NYPD, which traditionally has been less than stellar and suffered a tarnishing in the eyes of the world for the false arrests and violent treatment of thousands of Occupy supporters, has taken another dive. While looking for  a killer of three people the NYPD released a template sketch of a black man with sunglasses. Salvatore Perrone, a 64 yr old, balding, mustachioed man of Italian extraction … Read More