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The Revolution Is Now.

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  Boomtown continues its internal festival narrative, loaded as always with metaphorical madness about independence and rebellion. Above is their round up video from this years festival, which played with a theatrical theme of how power corrupts the mighty.  The clip features a masked man making some seriously on point statements and a whole blast of festival flavor. “Discontent gnawed at the heart of the people, dissent at first a … Read More

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Handle Without Care.

In Blog, Culture, Interviews, Musicby Jasper Mathews 1 Comment

Fran Hartnett and Giles Armstrong are two names synonymous with Irish Techno. In late 2014 they joined together, for a limited run of gigs around the country, as FraGile. Kinetika’s Jasper Mathews caught up with them to hear about their long romance that started down the back of the 49 bus. FraGile, where did the idea for collaboration come from? Giles: It’s all about the name! Fran: Haha, he admits it! … Read More

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#clubbersCognotes: David Holmes On Acid House.

In Blog, Historyby Rashers Tierney2 Comments

Great interview with David Holmes, churned out as part of the Alternative Ulster history project up Norf. They’ve gathered up interviews with some of the musical movers and shakers of the NI scene over the years. Holmes ran the famous Sugar Sweet club, Orbital wrote the track Belfast, after playing it. In this one he chats the impact of acid house on the city: “It was the kind of the perfect … Read More

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#sceneReport: A Thriving Techno Underground By The Suir.

In #rabble10, Culture, Music, Print Editionby Paul Herincx16 Comments

It’s no surprise that the commercial charts dominate Waterford’s clubs, yet the city is full of passion for music and several alternatives do exist. Paul Herincx brings us to the heart of a thriving techno scene, a family of producers and one sound system that keeps it all alive. While international house bookings follow one another and fill the local clubs, Waterford is also home to a varied palette of … Read More

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#spareChange: Everybody’s Free.

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Yowser, it’s been 20 years since the introduction of the Criminal Justice Act in the UK. The act which spawned Reclaim The Streets and that classic Prodigy inner sleeve that sowed huge curiosity in culchie eight year olds like me. What better way to commemorate the anarchic spirit of that scene than highlighting how the flame it lit has passed on. Four years ago journalists piped up about he return of … Read More

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Old Prodigy Bootleg Featuring Ian Paisley MC.

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  This is floating around online today. It’s an old bootleg of the b-side of the first Prodigy LP. It was played on Sunset 107, a Dublin pirate radio station that made its name with shows that banged out rave when it first broke on this isle. He makes some questionable comments about his missus on the cut. This thread claims somebody associated with the station made it.

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Alley Cats.

In Blogby Rashers Tierney1 Comment

Last Monday a bunch of us skipped off work early and headed down to the Lords of Strut’s now annual rave in the Dame Lane Alley. We basically made like a heap of twats and waved our arms around in the air like we just didn’t care. Thankfully this twat escaped being committed to camera. You can watch the rest of them in the video above.

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What You At After Work Monday?

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Famous Seamus and his slightly less famous brother of the family Strut are back in Dublin and mayhem bound with a new show opening at The Fringe next week. There’s an awful bang of mischief off these eegits. Being the attention seeking loons they are, they’ve organised another one of their Dame Lane raves.  The first one happened last year in Dublin. Speaking of it on his blog, a surprisingly literate Seamus had … Read More

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Boomtown’s Back With A Bang.

In Blog, Cultureby Rashers Tierney and Darragh Lynch1 Comment

  In little under a week, half the rabble team will be mitching off work early and catching the snail and rail across the Irish sea to enter the parallel universe of Winchester’s Boomtown Fair. Rashers Tierney and Darragh Lynch threw together this round up of Irish acts making the voyage over. We missed out last summer, opting instead for hometown madness – but after slaving away slopping out pints … Read More

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Threat Of Flying Ravers Sees Party Shutdown.

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Nordie sessioners have had the plug pulled on an up-coming rave by their friends in the PSNI. Summer has been officially ruined according to some. The police service doled out a harsh scolding to their social meeja followers. Ravers were intent on upholding the tradition of raving in dangerous places out of their minds. In this case, the location was near a quarry with unstable ground. We love that old … Read More