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Avanti Popolo!

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The experience of the Italian Communist Party has much to teach us, and we are of course very proud of that heritage, dating back to the resistance, but at the same time our world is now very different, and we must find our own responses to the problems of today.

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Cities Made of Canvas And Compassion.

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Above: Photos of the camp kitchen by Georgia Lalor. At one point in 2015 10,000 people a day were reaching the shores of Lesvos, a Greek island close to the Turkish mainland. rabble sent Tomás Lynch to Idomeni, a camp that sprouted up on the border with Macedonia, home to more than 14,000 migrants in March 2016 to speak to some of the volunteers. Katerina Sharma, an Irish woman from … Read More

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Hard To Trump Trudeau.

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Photo: Justin Trudeau back in 2013. Credit to Taha Ghaznavi via Creative Commons Last week, the media swooned over holier than thou Trudeau’s meeting with that evil orange monster Trump. Eoghan McNeill takes a look behind the quiff and glistening smile of the liberal’s favourite head of state. I’ll say this for Justin Trudeau: he is a very handsome man. And I’ll say that unreservedly. He has the smile, hair, gait and … Read More

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Far Right Rising?

In Blog, Politicsby Martin Leen2 Comments

The election of Donald Trump has emboldened the far right all over Europe.Ireland is no exception. With the election of Trump they are starting to come out of the woodwork. A new party The National Party is being launched tomorrow in the plush surroundings of the Merrion Square Hotel.

Speaking at the launch will be nutter Justin Barrett ex Youth Defence, Mother and Child Campaign and No to Nice and James Reynolds the deputy president. Their message is of a similar rhetoric to that of Trump, anti-elitist, anti-immigration, anti multiculturalism, and of course speaking on behalf of the “silent majority”.

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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind.

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Martin Leen caught up with asylum seeker Lucky Khambule to discuss the realities and frustrations of living under the Direct Provision system in 2016. Here he outlines the steps some of those seeking asylum have taken to ensure their voices are heard.   How long have you been in direct provision, what was the process when you arrived in Ireland? It’s been three and a half years now. I came to Ireland … Read More

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Pathetic PEGIDA.

In Blog, Highlights, Politicsby Ed Ludd9 Comments

Above: rabble’s footage of the fascists legging it off can be seen on Youtube.  Elsewhere, Flickr user BagelCurry shared an album of gorgeous monochrome shots from the demonstration yesterday too.   So,  after all their online bluster and hype yesterday saw a pitiful turn out from PEGIDA, while their scattered far-right sympathizers were forced to cower in the side streets of our capital. When it came down to it pathetic PEGIDA were … Read More

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Festival Fundraising.

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  A rake of UK grassroots festivals have linked up to send some dosh the way of refugee relief in France. Donate and be in with the chance to win a hape of tickets to some stellar events. The full list of festivals is pretty insane. 22 in total and many will be household names for rabble regulars. The bulk of the cash will go to Aid Box Convoy, a … Read More

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Countries Punish Us.

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More heart-rending video diaries from the Grand-Synthe refugee camp Dunkirk. This wee piece was put together by Black Fly films and has several testimonies and statements from those in the camp. Looks like it was made as part of the Irish benders and burners crew journey over. In response to an off camera question one said: “We need everything, because we are human. We are not animal. We are living … Read More

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Irish In Dunkirk.

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    Pictured: Some of the Irish lot who are volunteering in the refugee camp in Dunkirk with the wood burning rocket stoves they brought to the camp.       A group of Irish volunteers are over in the Dunkirk camp at the moment. It’s the “forgotten” refugee camp in Northern France with a largely Kurdish population. The volunteers made their way over late last week bringing with them … Read More

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Mass Movement.

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If you are the sort that prefers understanding things visually, then there’s the sheer scale of the current migration crisis hitting Europe hits home hard in this interactive tool produced by a company called Lucify. Using UN data it plots the mass movement of people into Europe. Click on the chart above and you’ll be brought to a page showing the monthly total of refugees originating from and seeking asylum … Read More