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Gombeen #8: Paul Williams & Paul Reynolds

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  For their consistent and dogged determination in spinning crime to fit the warped narrative of Garda HQ we’re splitting the award between the two Pauls. Both of course are well known to the Gardaí. The Tosser and The Hyper. Williams’ stock in trade is the late 70’s shtick, coppers sliding across car bonnets, kicking down doors and shouting “‘E’s got a shooter!’ and “‘Ave it, you caant!”. Reynolds gets … Read More

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Have Ye No Homophobia To Go To?

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LGBT Noise organised a demonstration showing solidarity with Rory O’Neill (Panti Bliss) and opposing homophobia. The protest Facebook page was shared in the last day or two and a couple of thousand turned up this afternoon on South King St. outside the Gaiety Theatre. If Lucinda Creighton and the other anti-choice, anti gay rights advocates had organised a crowd a third the size of this after spending thousands of euro … Read More

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Panti Solidarity

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It’s been  hell of a week for Panti Bliss. To top off all the nonsense she has received 4 solicitors’ letters from Breda O’Brien, David Quinn, Patricia Casey, and John Murray, (all of the Iona Institute) subsequent to her comments on RTÉ’s Saturday Night Show. Notably nothing from John Waters. We’re going to show Panti a bit of solidarity and drop in tomorrow for a drink or two, we suggest you guys … Read More

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Pray away the gay with RTÉ

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Suppose we could complain to the Broadcast Authority of Ireland. John Waters is on that funnily enough. Oh right. HANG ON! They’re making amends..oh In fairness to the show itself, it receives a fair bit of praise for how it handles some issues. This an RTÉ spokesperson’s comment on the tweetastrophe: “An organisation has sprung up claiming to be able to cure people of being gay. The show sent an undercover … Read More

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Panti in Hot Waters

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The interview with Panti Bliss (Rory O’Neill) on Brendan O’Connor’s Saturday Night Show was taken offline following ‘legal issues’. O’Neill was talking about homophobia and how attitudes have changed relatively quickly in Ireland. The following transcripts with thanks to h/t Neil before Zod “I bet every single person in this audience has a cousin or a neighbour or the guy who you work with who is a flaming queen! I … Read More

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[Flash Fiction] Miley’s Purgatory

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Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. Miley from Glenroe dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates. He’s met by St Peter who offers him a fat bowl of DMT straight from the inside of Salvadore Dali’s skull. Intrigued? Read on gentle reader…   Wasn’t it that Prince Valiant fellah that once said “To die would be a great adventure”? Well I can tell ya one thing, it was … Read More

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The Green Line

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THE first of a two-part radio documentary about the Irish in London will air on RTÉ Radio 1 this week. The Green Line and The Green Cab are produced by Irish Post journalist Robert Mulhern for RTÉ’s Documentary on One series. Each programme will look at the Irish experience in the English capital through the stories of ordinary people. Speaking about the documentary Mr Mulhern said: “This is a collective story linking a street drinker, boxer, singer, … Read More

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Show me the RTÉ money

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It’s terdible Joe, terdible. They’re only taking the food out of our mouths Joe. RTÉ slashes wages of the top ten earners as their salaries plummet from Obscene to Ridiculous. (We don’t have all salary numbers up-to-date some are 2011) At number one everyone’s favourite young fogey, and Fianna Fáil dynasty-bred, Ryan JFK Tubridy. Wages slashed from  €723,500. Now €495,000 At two –  Pat ‘Alan Partridge’ Kenny, in 2011 Plank earned €630,000, … Read More

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RTE is ‘Anti-Catholic’

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If you didn’t catch RTÉ’s The Late Debate on Thursday night last (in a week awash with RTÉ fawning over the exit of the Pope from office) then we highly recommend catching up now. MP3 from the RTÉ website can be downloaded here Fr. Joe Mcdonald of Ballyfermot and Senator Ronan Mullen of LaLa Land first complained that there was an atheist on the panel before rounding on an abuse … Read More