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Keep Them Embers Burning Baby: An Interview With One Of Lynched.

In Blog, Musicby Rashers Tierney1 Comment

Cold Old Fire by Lynched When he’s not strapped to his illustrator’s desk, our very own Darragh Lynch can be found strumming out bawdry folk ballads with his band Lynched. With their new album streaming today, Rashers Tierney sat the talented git down for a chat. Yiz are just back from a tour of the states. How did that go? Did you get feted high and low? Yeah, we’re just about … Read More

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Ballroom of No Dance.

In #rabble5, Culture, History, Politics, Print Editionby Justin Cans20 Comments

The 1935 Dancehall Act was passed in the atmosphere of racism and media hysteria which surrounded jazz. Originally intended to target this salacious newcomer it had a serious detrimental effect on the practice of traditional music in the countryside. Justin Cans takes a look at how it has had serious repercussions ever since. My first introduction to this bedevilment of the Irish Statue Book came around the year 2008, when … Read More