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Greyhound Worker Hospitalised In Alleged Hit And Run.

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The Justice for the Greyhound Workers group reports that a picketing Greyhound worker, James Burke, has suffered a severe spinal injury in a hit and run at the company’s depot gates. This statement was posted on Facebook late yesterday: A locked out Greyhound striker was hospitalised with a severe spinal injury after being hit by a van as it exited the company’s depot in Knockmitten, west Dublin, yesterday (Tuesday, 22nd … Read More

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#lookUp8: Murray and Sons Tobacco Factory.

In #rabble8, Blog, Culture, Historyby Peg Leeson2 Comments

Believe it or not, before vaporisers folks used to actually smoke something called tobacco?! Peg Leeson takes a look at a nasty habit, a factory that used to produce it and the women who worked there. Of course we still have folks getting sacked for trying to start unions but hey who chews tobacco anymore?! Look up out the back of the Victoria Train Station, no not the multi-storey atrocity … Read More

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#soapBox: Greyhound Update From Joan Collins TD.

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  When Greyhound Waste workers turned up for work two weeks ago they were told to take a 35% paycut or be locked out. Scabs have replaced the drivers. TDs, councillors and activists are engaging in picket solidarity and are calling on the public for support. This from Joan Collins TD on Facebook:  “Greyhound lockout. Some information on what happened yesterday in more detail. I have had 5,500 hits on the page which … Read More

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#rabbleRaker: Irish Company Accused of “Modern Day Slavery.”

In Blog, Politicsby Rashers Tierney4 Comments

An Irish company with an address in Rathmines has found itself at the centre of fresh allegations of Europe wide blacklisting in the construction sector and has been accused of “modern day slavery” by senior UK union officials. Blacklisting is the practice of blocking those perceived as union activists or agitators from being hired. The long suspected practice of blacklisting  emerged solidly into the spotlight in 2009. When the UK Information Commissioners Office (ICO)  seized a Consulting Association database … Read More

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US Corporate Crooners.

In Blogby Rashers Tierney9 Comments

Back in June, the US embassy fell foul of a Twitter storm when they offered grants for pro-TTIP projects. It looks like their brethren in Dublin are getting in on the online propaganda war too. They brought in this all male choir to hype the trade deal in a Youtube video. Back in April The Yale Spizzwinks (oh god, I had to restrain myself from a deliberately infantile misspelling there…), croaked their … Read More

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TTIP Don’t Believe The Hype.

In Blog, Politicsby Cillian Doyle7 Comments

  The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership could be the most destructive, and most secretive, legislation that nobody’s talking about. Cillian Doyle breaks it down for us. If I was to ask you about the TTIP negotiations, would it ring any bells? Probably not. The legislative process of the European Commission isn’t the sexiest of subjects. But we need to understand what the Commission does, as it’s the only one with the … Read More

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Breaking: Paris Bakery Occupation Ending.

In Blog, Politicsby Rashers Tierney7 Comments

  GREAT news for #ParisBakery workers: just got official confirmation from Revenue that they’re stepping in, so the workers can FINALLY leave! — MigrantRightsCentre (@MigrantRightsIR) June 10, 2014 This literally just in. A press release from the Migrant Rights Centre saying the Paris Bakery Occupation is ending at 17:30. The occupation was 19 days in. The workers had spent part of yesterday talking about the possibilities of a co-op. According to … Read More

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It Was A Very Crusty Protest.

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‘No pay is not ok. Enda must act!’ Big protest at Dáil now as #ParisBakery workers demand justice. @MigrantRightsIR — Ruairí McKiernan (@ruairimckiernan) June 4, 2014 #ParisBakery workers and supporters at the Dáil — Workers Solidarity (@WSMIreland) June 4, 2014 Good support for the #ParisBakery workers demonstrating outside Leinster House @labouryouth @YoungWorkersNet @siptu — Marty O’Prey (@MartyOPrey) June 4, 2014 They came armed with baguettes and supporters. … Read More

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Bread And Circuses

In Blog, Politicsby Fedayn4 Comments

Ministers Joan Burton and Joe Costello visited the Paris Bakery on Monday and met with workers and supporters occupying the premises. The workers have been left without wages (as detailed here) and are occupying until they find justice. Union representatives had choice words for the visiting Ministers and left them in no doubt that this better be more than a photo opportunity following a disastrous election weekend for Labour. Results are needed … Read More

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Occupy Your Rights: Employees Entitlements

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  Following the success of the Vita Cortex workers’ occupation, employees of businesses in financial trouble may look to sit-ins as a way of securing their entitlements. Here’s a handy guide drawn up by Hayes Solicitors. Worth noting that Employees are ‘Preferred Creditors’ in Ireland but ranked behind ‘Revenue, Liquidator and holders of fixed charges [usually banks]’. In the UK the Crown (the equivalent of Revenue) was removed as a … Read More