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A Wee Sit Down With The Lucid Lewis Kenny.

In #rabble9, Culture, Interviewsby Rashers Tierney5 Comments

The work of poet Lewis kenny takes in everything from skagged out MDMA session victims and urban gentrification, right up to the importance of cherishing your ma. Rashers Tierney grabbed him for a chinwag about what makes him tick. We came across your videos on Youtube, saw you pop up at a We’re Not Leaving gig and a spoken word event in the Boh’s bar – can you introduce yourself … Read More

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No News Like Old News.

In Blog, Politicsby Fedayn7 Comments

Doing the rounds on social media ahead of tomorrow’s Irish Water  protests is a Niall O’Connor ‘EXCLUSIVE’ in the Hedild. It mirrors a piece by ‘Ace reporter’ Ken Foy of the Indo from July in which he hacked up a two year old Garda operation and vomited it onto the page. The lads are not alone. ‘Operation Aughrim’ is an all-encompassing codeword for what appears to be regular Garda business that is … Read More

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Ruin Fetishism: Documenting Europe’s Derelicts.

In #rabble8, Blog, Culture, Politicsby Stephen Bourke Leave a Comment

With the number of ghost estates across the country estimated at over 900, Stephen Bourke talks to photographer Lisa Furness about her work documenting derelict buildings & squatting in Ireland, London & Spain. The big criticism of Urban exploration and the like is that it’s ‘ruin fetishism’. How do you respond to that? I see a lot of pictures that make empty buildings look dramatic and exciting. I see a … Read More

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Moving On With Stuff.

In Uncategorizedby Fedayn1 Comment

Britain’s leading gadget mag, Stuff, is dropping the ‘bikini cover’ for tech oriented material.   It admits readers are uncomfortable with the image of tech as a lads’ preserve and it’s time to move on. The magazine first decided to drop the women from its covers back in 2013, and since then has been carrying out focus groups and research. Stuff’s focus groups and trial covers found that sales went up … Read More

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50 Euro And All The Spuds You Can Eat.

In Blogby Fedayn16 Comments

Every day another name off the live register. This is one of four farm labourer ‘internships’ on the JobBridge site today. Shameless stuff from this government. Must have a drivers licence, be willing to work well with others, work on their own initiative, Some heavy lifting involved. Boiled, mashed and half-baked. (hat-tip to

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#rabbleReels: Living La Vida Loco.

In Blog, Cultureby Rashers Tierney1 Comment

Mention El Salvador and the most common image that comes to mind is the tattooed faces of Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street  gang bangers. Christian Poveda was a hispanic-French documentary maker that spent two years documenting the lives of marginalised youth in San Salvador, the country’s capital. Just before its general release he was murdered. Pirated copies had made their way onto the streets and gang (maras in Spanish…) members were not … Read More

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Limerick Makes A Move.

In #rabble8, Blog, Culture, Highlights, Interviews, Print Editionby Rashers Tierney2 Comments

There’s far more to hip-hop in Limerick than the Rubberbandit’s codology. It’s roots run deep. Rashers Tierney had a very late night chat with Shane Curtain, he’s the chair of Make A Move – a community arts festival that you should really mark on your calendar. Some of the other rabblers were down at Make A Move last year.  Reports were good. Can you give us the low down on … Read More

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#rabbleReels: Secrets And Children.

In Blogby Fedayn4 Comments

  Sinead O’Shea’s stark documentary for Al Jazeera investigates the number of children who died in the state’s care during the 2000’s and the neglect and abuse faced by children in its care services.   “I think that the HSE is essentially a busted flush in dealing with children’s services. The HSE has been a grossly dissfunctional agency right across the health service. It’s been a disaster in the childcare area.” … Read More

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Limerick Celebrates Its Counter-Culturalistas.

In Blog, Culture, Musicby Rashers Tierney1 Comment

Making the Cut looks at the legacy of counter-cultural youth and those that dared to break with conformity in Limerick City during the heady late sixties and early seventies. It takes place as part of a whole raft of events under the EVA International 2014 banner, an art event dancing around the term ‘agitationism’ as a thematic pivot.  Making the Cut jumps back to look at how the global sixties counter culture rubbed off … Read More