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When It’s Okay To Hate.

In Blog, Culture, Politics by Peg Leeson25 Comments

I’ve the alarm clock radio rather masochistically set to RTE One. I find the smug self-satisfied world of our nation’s greatest propaganda machine enough to jolt me out of bed on even these grim mornings. So imagine my mood as I woke up to a story about a home ear-marked for Traveller accommodation being burnt out in darkest Donegal. Discrimination to the Traveller community isn’t new. It has a long, ugly history in Ireland. … Read More

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[Street Art] Paint The Town.

In #rabble5, Culture, History, Politics, Print Edition by Paul Tarpey2 Comments

Irish originality is an issue. Generally the work that clogs our local walls tends to over-reference past styles and overseas artists. Irish-directed stand-out work, outside of contained spaces such as the Drogheda Bridge Jam, is rarely acknowledged. This is unusual for a small country, or it would be if we had an Irish-managed version of the form to offer.

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Garda corruption may have led to at least 9 deaths

In Blog, Culture, Politics by Fedayn4 Comments

  An extraordinary story revealed into today’s Irish Independent has thrown the Dept. of Justice into panic mode. A whistleblowing Garda has exposed mass fraud of the penalty points system, documenting 50,000 cases which may have been deleted from the PULSE computer system. ‘Pillars of Society’ have had their points quashed include and in at least nine cases highlighted in the dossier, a motorist who had their points quashed went … Read More

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Be The Holy Smoke.

In Blog, Humour, Politics by Rashers Tierney5 Comments

Provincial papers often provide fodder for magazine sections like The Phoenix’s Bog Cuttings. Apart from the reports of Nazi saluting drunks, men watering their horses and glass bottle fights; one thing that always stuns this rabbler is the court reports around drugs in his home town. Last Sunday Jim Cusak, a Sindo journalist published an article  saying the state has lost the war on drugs. This was apparently based on the … Read More

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Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

In Blog, Politics by Fedayn2 Comments

    A dramatic case has found District Court Judge Heather Perrin guilty of deceiving an elderly client in to leaving half his estate to her family. She was shocked and amazed following the finding, as no doubt we will be when Shatter announces there is no way he can have her removed from the bench or touch her pension. A question that isn’t being asked by the press is what … Read More

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{Movements} Process Not Protest – rabble Looks at #OccupyDameStreet and The Spectacle of Defiance

In #rabble2, Interviews, Politics, Print Edition by Julian Brophy3 Comments

Drums beat deeply all around me as people congregate for The Spectacle of Defiance and Hope. Face-painted and costume-clad performers run through carefully crafted renditions, eager children hold large replica tombstones above their heads bearing the names of the community projects they are defending. Julian Brophy reports from The Spectacle of Defiance.