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Rave Against The Machine.

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Photographer Matthew Smith’s Exist To Resist documents the history of activism and having it in the years before and after the infamous Criminal Justice Act of 1994. This was a cunning piece of legislation designed to wipe out rave culture in the UK. The project smashed through its initial ask on Kickstarter by doubling its target.  This isn’t another huckster making dollar off memory- it’s a sharp reminder of what we’ve lost. Rashers Tierney caught up with Matthew to talk branded protests and the enclosure of counter culture. Looking back these were a really powerful few years, however with my cynics hat on (and I borrowed it from a friend) could one view these years of raving and partying however as sort of a retreat from politics, like almost a defeatism really until the CJA came in and forced people to get political again? Or were the politics always there? The way the three marches grew in size from 20,000 people on the first one to 100,000 people on the … Read More

Protest On Trial.

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  With the Jobstown trials kicking off tomorrow, we caught up with Paul Murphy to check in with the campaign and hear what can be expected in the coming weeks. Okay, so not long now until the trial starts. What’s the sequence of events we can expect? Is everyone being tried at once or are there a few distinct cases on the go? First thing on Monday is a legal argument about the jury in court. The DPP is seeking a range of incredible exclusions from the jury – people from Tallaght, people connected with Tallaght, people in campaigning groups for or against water charges and people who have commented on water charges on social media! Our legal teams will be contesting all of those. Then the judge will make a ruling on that. After that, we will have a process of selection of the jury. Then Tuesday or Wednesday, the trial itself will take place. The first witness we expect is Joan Burton. Then the trial will run for … Read More

What Was The Point Of That?

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Above: Photographer Giuseppe Milo captures this piece of graffiti in the Bogside. Check out more of his work here. Well, that was pointless. To borrow a McGregorism. It should come as a surprise “to absolutely nobody” that talks intended to produce a new power-sharing executive in the North ended in failure last week.  Tommy Downshire takes us through what’s happening up the road. The two largest parties, the DUP and Sinn Fein, went into the three-week-long talks period at loggerheads and emerged the same way. According to negotiators on both sides progress was impossible on a number of traditional sticking points including Irish language rights, LGBT marriage, and the ongoing legal legacy of the Troubles. But probably the main source of contention this time around is the more mundane (by Northern Irish standards at least) dispute over the ongoing fallout from the “cash-for-ash” corruption scandal in which former First Minister (and current DUP Leader) Arlene Foster is centrally implicated. Foster in her role as Minister for Enterprise not only oversaw … Read More