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You Have Been Allocated.

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Above: The cover illustration that accompanied the print version of this piece from #rabble13 by Brian Burke.   A feeling of being put through the ringer, harassed into dampening employment expectations and rightly pissed off that private companies have access to their data – that’s the general picture emerging from a survey carried out by rabble into various labour activation schemes including Job Path.  Rashers Tierney gives us the lowdown … Read More

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Meme Streets.

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Above: Credit to Holly Pereira for the illustration accompanying this in #rabble13. Make sure to check out more of her work at Few writers have scoured the sewers of chan culture with as keen an eye as Angela Nagle. Martin Leen  sat down with the writer who is making a name for herself the world over as the definitive voice on the internet subcultures that have given life to the alt-right.   … Read More

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Rave Against The Machine.

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Photographer Matthew Smith’s Exist To Resist documents the history of activism and having it in the years before and after the infamous Criminal Justice Act of 1994. This was a cunning piece of legislation designed to wipe out rave culture in the UK. The project smashed through its initial ask on Kickstarter by doubling its target.  This isn’t another huckster making dollar off memory- it’s a sharp reminder of what … Read More

Protest On Trial.

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  With the Jobstown trials kicking off tomorrow, we caught up with Paul Murphy to check in with the campaign and hear what can be expected in the coming weeks. Okay, so not long now until the trial starts. What’s the sequence of events we can expect? Is everyone being tried at once or are there a few distinct cases on the go? First thing on Monday is a legal … Read More

What Was The Point Of That?

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Above: Photographer Giuseppe Milo captures this piece of graffiti in the Bogside. Check out more of his work here. Well, that was pointless. To borrow a McGregorism. It should come as a surprise “to absolutely nobody” that talks intended to produce a new power-sharing executive in the North ended in failure last week.  Tommy Downshire takes us through what’s happening up the road. The two largest parties, the DUP and … Read More

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Paradise Lost.

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After the GAA’s recent €55 million deal with Sky Sports, All Ireland medal winner Gearóid Ó’Ríada takes a look at how an increasingly greedy guts GAA hierarchy is threatening the ethos of volunteerism at the grassroots of the national institution.