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The Session Mystic.

In #rabble11, Blog, Print Editionby Colm O'BrienLeave a Comment

This is some hours in. Session Mystic’s thinking of making an appearance, is your feeling, but there’s no way of knowing when that’ll be. It was a long week, all of them are long weeks, and between trips to the bar and surreptitious huddles in the jacks you’re not even sure you’ll make it to kicking-out time without losing the plot, much less whatever’s after. Things started handy enough with … Read More

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Faded and Forgotten.

In #rabble11, Blog, Print Editionby Bob FitzpatrickLeave a Comment

Dublin’s Henrietta St is well off the beaten track for most city dwellers. Bob Fitzpatrick took a gawk around it for us and discovered some rather unusual commemorative plaques. You stumble upon Henriettta St after straying too far past the boozers and restaurants of Capel St, or if you’re the more privileged sort swotting it up to enter the law profession it provides a handy back entry to the various … Read More

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Session Pixies: Holistic Lifestyle Column from #rabble11

In #rabble11, Blog, Print Edition, The Session Pixiesby rabbleLeave a Comment

The nights are getting longer, the days are getting warmer and the Session Pixies are awakening from their hibernatorial slumber to come and fuck you up at four o’clock in the morning. Dear Session Pixies, Does anyone seriously still drink the cheap and nasty cans of ‘lager’ you two seem to be perched on in your graphic above, don’t you fucks realise there’s a whole new world of nasty and … Read More

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Can’t Get No Relief.

In #rabble11, Politicsby Maggie Corrigan2 Comments

  In February of this year Maggie Corrigan was consumed with making a documentary about homelessness in Dublin, specifically looking at how it affected lone parent families. It was impossible to find people willing to talk about their homelessness on camera when all of a sudden she found herself at the centre of her own housing nightmare. As the due date loomed closer for my documentary, I decided to look … Read More

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Relight My Fire.

In #rabble11, Interviews, Music, Print Editionby Simon PriceLeave a Comment

Nicky Siano is a DJ who really has done it all – before everyone else. He opened The Gallery way back in 1972, setting the template for nightclubs as the world knows them today. Simon Price tracked him down for an interview in Galway earlier this year.   For those unawares, Nicky become the first resident at Studio54 and turned out a couple of sublime records in collaboration with Arthur … Read More

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Tuam Babies.

In #rabble11, Highlights, History, Politics, Print Editionby Adrienne Corless3 Comments

When the case of the 796 Tuam babies became global news in Summer 2014, locals there found the then little-known burial ground of the former Mother and Baby home in the glare of the public eye. Adrienne Corless writes about the need to face difficult truths.   A Commission of Investigation, headed by Judge Yvonne Murphy, aims to acknowledge and reveal what was once covered up in the entire country’s … Read More

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Playing As If The World Mattered.

In #rabble11, Culture, Highlights, History, Interviews, Politics, Sportby Turlough KellyLeave a Comment

No doubt the world of corporate sport is rotten. Witness a corruption beleaguered FIFA and the processes of displacement that unwinds anytime a major occasion sets down anywhere from London to Rio. Yet things can be different. Turlough Kelly chats to Gabriel Kuhn who has uncovered a beautifully illustrated history of activism in sports going way back. The book is full of extraordinary and arresting images, many from the early … Read More

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Under The Blueshirt Tree.

In #rabble11, Blog, Print Editionby rabble4 Comments

Anyone whoever daydreamed through a Leaving Cert history class might have some recall of Fine Gael’s origins in the fascist fancying Blueshirts. Well, here’s a selection box of five recent moments that show today’s apples haven’t fallen all that far from the xenophobia tree…   1. Emer Higgins. P.R. graduate and Rathcoole Councillor Emer Higgins of Fine Gael badly misjudged public opinion when she dropped a leaflet announcing that she … Read More