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Rebel Without A Call.

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In Look Up Paul Reynolds Encourages you rabble to briefly break from your daily grind and consider the ghosts that haunt the buildings that surround us. This issue we look at one of the most photographed buildings in Ireland. Any visitor, be they Dub, culchie or a bleedin’ foreigner, will recognize that place in Temple Bar which always has buskers beside it. The townies amongst you might know the can … Read More

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Renaming Dubh Linn

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rabble examines some of the most impressive name changes in Dublin. Rather like Windscale to Sellafield, there is a notion about that instead of fixing a problem we can repackage it. Morkeshing darling, it’s all in the presentation…   TAKE ME UP TO MONTO The ‘Monto’ was the notorious red light district spreading from Montgomery Street through to Gardiner Street, Talbot Street and Amiens Street. During the 19th century it … Read More

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[Take 5] Cheap pints and the Liffey…

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While the trickle-down effect in Ireland normally means politicians pissing down your neck and telling you it’s rain, one result of the inevitable crash has been the competition between the remaining drink purveyors to attract those who still have a pot to piss in. Without wanting to come across all Totally Dublin we thought we’d shout out for some recommendations on decent spots with decent prices. Hop House on Parnell St.