Gombeen #4: Eilis O’Hanlon

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Illustration: Redmonk

You’d have thought Eilis O’Hanlon has been possessed by the sinister presence of Kevin Myers during her recent rant about the patrons at the infamous Swedish House Mafia gig. Mixing an impoverished reading of Marx with a healthy dollop of snobbery O’Hanlon also treated us to a few turns of phrase that would have made Hitler chortle. Referring to ‘knackers’, ‘chavs’, and ‘white trash’ as a species she choose to use the language of eugenics which sent millions to the gas chambers, sterilising and incarcerating more. You wouldn’t think that Eilis O’Hanlon was bought up in working-class 70s west Belfast, the niece of IRA chief Joe Cahill. Part of a social group that was framed within the same language that she is now using against others.

But you can’t blame her for a crass imitation of Mr Myers. This shit sells after all, and that is exactly why the editors at the Sindo let it run. It’s a sorry reflection on the state of our nation that one of our major broadsheets invests its energy in professional trolling rather than balanced investigative journalism. When is the last time the Sindo broke a story on the level of the Guardian’s Libor coverage rather than regurgitating the British press or offering half-arsed Twitterati opinion pieces?


  1. do one on noonan revealing his real reptilian body underneath that fake skin,he eats raw mice you know! V for victory springs to mind

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