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#rabble8 Is Online Now!

In #rabble8, Blog, rabble Updates!by Rashers TierneyLeave a Comment

Are ye web or print or what? Is oft a question asked by the man down the pub. It’s quite simple really. Once we get all our printed copies filtered out along our analog grape vine of distro fairies, we start sticking them up on line. Once that’s all churned out – we finally fling the PDF’s up for viewing on Issuu. And Chirst, they are clocking up some serious … Read More

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#flashFiction: The Dancer.

In #rabble8, Blog, Print Editionby Dave Philips4 Comments

After only two months, Helen was making three or four times the money that she’d earned at the aquarium, easily. And it made sense in a way, exotic dancing wasn’t something she’d ever thought about before but she still had the body for it, and most importantly part of her glowed under the spotlight. And the thick brown envelope she was handed at the end of the week was hers … Read More

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#lookUp8: Murray and Sons Tobacco Factory.

In #rabble8, Blog, Culture, Historyby Peg Leeson2 Comments

Believe it or not, before vaporisers folks used to actually smoke something called tobacco?! Peg Leeson takes a look at a nasty habit, a factory that used to produce it and the women who worked there. Of course we still have folks getting sacked for trying to start unions but hey who chews tobacco anymore?! Look up out the back of the Victoria Train Station, no not the multi-storey atrocity … Read More

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A Garda Greatest Hits Parade…

In #rabble8, Blog, Politicsby rabble9 Comments

    When we posted video footage of the Garda riot at Reclaim The Streets 2002 on Facepuke back in May, we winced when some of ye didn’t instantly recognise it. Not remembering World Cup 1990, fair enough – RTS? Shit, some of ye really are green around the ears. Us old codgers dusted off some memories of pigs misbehaving and compiled some of the worst incidents for #rabble8.   … Read More

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Ruin Fetishism: Documenting Europe’s Derelicts.

In #rabble8, Blog, Culture, Politicsby Stephen Bourke Leave a Comment

With the number of ghost estates across the country estimated at over 900, Stephen Bourke talks to photographer Lisa Furness about her work documenting derelict buildings & squatting in Ireland, London & Spain. The big criticism of Urban exploration and the like is that it’s ‘ruin fetishism’. How do you respond to that? I see a lot of pictures that make empty buildings look dramatic and exciting. I see a … Read More

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The Missionary Position Or How The Irish Learnt To Have Sex.

In #rabble8, Culture, History, Illustration, Politics, Print Editionby Sheila Lafferty11 Comments

Whilst the rest of the western world was in the midst of the STI-swapping frenzy that was the sixties, Ireland was on its knees waiting outside a confession box. Sheila Lafferty, gets under the covers and gets to grips with Irish sexual cluelessness. A sordid mix of Victorian neurosis and Rome rule meant that sex in 20th-century Ireland was a silent taboo that only happened behind closed doors, under blankets, with … Read More