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The Essential Protestor’s Survival Kit

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Nevin Oztop of KAOS GL – Turkey’s magazine for the LGBT community – gave us the run down on what you need to survive Turkey’s street protests. 1: Anti-acid, milk and lemon are useful for burns on skin.   2: Baby Shampoo is also good for washing out your eyes (by the way, contrary to how they advertise it, I experienced it myself that baby shampoo does burn your eyes … Read More

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Kaos on the Streets

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During her recent visit to Ireland to mark pride celebrations, we managed to catch up over a beer with Nevin Öztop. She’s the editor-in-chief of Koas GL, the magazine for Turkey’s LGBT representative organisation and we thought we’d corner her for a few insights into life as an activist during the recent and ongoing street protests in her homeland. Firstly perhaps you could tell us how quickly you adapted to … Read More

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A Summer Holiday

In #rabble6, Blog, Culture, Politics, Print Editionby Rónán Burtenshaw1 Comment

 Tear gas. Sirens. Stinging, streaming eyes see paramilitary police with automatic weapons chase gas-masked protesters on wet streets. Burning skin. Makeshift medical centres, injured and bloodied bodies. I hadn’t intended it to be like that. I travelled to Istanbul on May 29th for a holiday. The first day panned out as expected – kebaps, sun in Gulhane Park, a visit to Dolmabahçe Palace. But on the morning of the second … Read More

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Session Pixies: Holistic Lifestyle Column from #rabble6

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  After a hectic summer of early morning kitchen japes and outsmarting festival security, the session pixies are back with a plethora of zany lifestyle advice…   Dear Session Pixies,   I moved to the arsehole of nowhere last year for work. The country living has been great but I do get bored outta my skull, so I occasionally get one a mate in Holland to post over some yokes, … Read More

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[piseóg] Death & Magic

In #rabble6, Blog, Culture, History, Print Editionby Jonny Dillon2 Comments

Piseogs are the disappearing, peculiarly Irish, superstitions that attend every aspect of human behaviour. Jonny Dillon examines our bizarre fascination with death and magic.   There is an old saying, ‘Níl luibh na leighas in aghaidh an bhais’ – ‘There is no herb or cure for death’. Despite its inevitability, there are a multitude of traditional customs and practices surrounding this most critical moment of human experience. These range from … Read More

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#rabbleEye: Irene Siragusa Photography

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Irene Siragusa Captures The Messy Side Of The Night Time Economy I don’t like the fact that Temple Bar area is sold as the Cultural Quarter of Dublin by Temple Bar Cultural Trust. Its economical value is extremely obvious at night when I went out to take these photos, that’s between 2am and 4am. This generates a sort of ‘threshold of tolerance’ for which social behaviours that usually would not … Read More

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New Art Territory

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Paul Tarpey examines how artists and activists are dealing with the idea of the non-place – a space with which we have all become unconsciously familiar. Pound shops, petrol stations and piss-stinking out-of-town shopping centres. This is the sprawl of the post-apocalypse we call ‘after the Tiger’. The unplanned, the undesigned is our new state. We no longer blink as we pass ghost estates and cow-shit stained forecourts. These non-places … Read More

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Second Life

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Social transformation, urban regeneration and skulls. There’s far more to street art than meets the eye, as Mexican artist Kathrina Rupit, better known as KIN MX, tells Sharon Jackson. Street art: what’s it all about? Street art interrupts the daily routine. I have taken part in some regeneration projects such as the Cabra Park Urban Gallery and around Thomas Street during the Liberties Festival. The idea is to create a … Read More

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Deliberate Dereliction

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If the market is based on supply and demand then why do we have a housing crisis, extortionate rents and so many empty homes we’ve lost count? Paul Reynolds and Lorna Muddiman examine the crisis and the solutions. Cars speed past in twos and threes as we turn our backs on the Naas road and stroll up the narrow laneway. Colin McCabe is worried about what’s happening to this little … Read More