Where will the money come from?

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Croke Park, what next?

Croke Park, what next?

Following the collapse of the Croke Park 2 proposals, the government in the guise of Enda Kenny, Brendan Howlin and most of the popular media, have had to pull a number out of the air to threaten us with.

Of course while CP1 was actually on target and still had a year to run it hasn’t really been made clear why a) it was being revisited nor b) why the unions acquiesced to renegotiate.

That aside the magic number plucked from the ether is now €300m. But if ye don’t all take a 7% pay cut and add 5 hours to your work week where will we get the €300m to pay for Big Thick Phil Hogan’s junkets to Brazil and fancy dindin’s at the Blue Oyster?

Off the top of my head – the Church. Wha? Yeah. Let’s take the money from the God-botherers. They’ve been raping us literally for the last 80 years while Fianna Fáil and the banking elite (who were groomed in the private Jesuit schools) were raping us financially. Now it’s payback time.

Let us not forget that while Bertie and his tent-men indemnified the church from reparations, we the people can revoke that executive order.

How much could we take the Church for? Well a quick look at the numbers suggests at least €1bn.

The Redress Board (dealing with reparations to those abused by clergy) has, in a decade, handed over €1bn from your pocket in the name of the Catholic Church. Costs for the board, lawyers and compensation paid out over nine years reached €1,070,735,527, but this excludes the legal costs paid for State-employed lawyers and civil servants, which, legal sources say, added tens of millions of euro on top of this.

That fine new Minister for Justice will put a stop to this nonsense – especially now that we are put to the pin of our collar. Oh, hang on what’s this scribble at the bottom of my notes…

The top-earning company was Michael Hanahoe and Co of Dublin, which received €17.75m, followed by Lavelle Coleman, which was paid €13.4m, and Peter McDonnell and Co on €12.4m. The Minister for Justice Alan Shatter’s firm, Gallagher Shatter, was one of the medium earners at €713,259

Right, as you were. Assume the position, it’s the private against the public sector, look over there it’s the footballs. What’s that tickling sensation in your pocket? That’s the clergy.

(figures from the Irish Independent’s Jim Cusack)




  1. As Joan Bruton pointed out (while in opposition) there’s an estimated €8 billion plus lost to the exchequer each year through tax evasion and loopholes.

    No need to raise taxes or cut wages, just make rich fucks pay some of the tax they’re supposed to pay anyway.

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