Nato 3 Stooges

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The court case of three inept stoners who were set up as terrorists by undercover Chicago PD has become the stage for a fascinating drama as the US’s systemic abhorrence of protest is laid bare.


Three stoner youths who were trying to impress a female under cover cop with stories of bravado yet failed on repeated efforts to master Google or to leave the house ‘until my weed guy comes’ were set up by the Chicago PD ahead of the 2012 NATO summit and the story of the ‘Nato 3’ was concocted, however even the normally compliant national media that thrives on fear immediately cast doubts on these arrests.

The unwitting ‘terrorists’ were set up with four glass bottles and some gasoline (which they failed to purchase themselves) following the prompts of two undercover cops, one female whom they were trying to impress. The sorry tale of the hapless slackers is unfolding in the Cook County Criminal Court. The original indictment included a charge for possession of equipment for brewing home made beer. Doesn’t get more Black Bloc than that, wha? They never even left the house.


Read more from the court via Chicago Tribune here and a contemporaneous report into the NATO summit protests via Democracy Now here.


  1. most corrupt country on earth overall. Good people but a government that is the Root of all evil

  2. Trivia: Google “delusions of grandeur and feck” (using the inverted commas) and the Chicago Tribune story about this is the only result that will appear. True story.

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