Simon From The Bukeepsie Boys’ Best of 2017

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Wino Wagon – Teen Romp Hoe Down – Absolutely Wino (Wah Wah Wino)

“We’re leaving school / I’ll miss my friends / we partied hard / but now its the end”. Very gas number from the Absolutely Wino Comp. RA described it as a “boozy ode to camaraderie”, right up the Bukeepsie alley.

Davy Kehoe – Short Passing Game -Short Passing Game (Wah Wah Wino)

Another one from the Wino gang. This is probably a staple in lots of EOY lists and we could have probably picked 5 tracks from the LP for our own top 5, but we went for the title track.

Sage – Longshifts – Crumbs of Life (Tasteful Nudes)

The A2 from Dubliner Sage’s Crumbs of Life EP on Argot offshoot Tasteful Nudes out of Chicago. We gave this one a good few airings on our show.

Chase Smith – Sending You Some Lungs (Apartment Records)

Bukeepsie Boys have long been fans of Apartment Records are were delighted to see it’s reappearance this year. If it hasn’t already, this track is coming to wreck a dance floor near you soon.

Plush Throw – plushwhosback (Pear)

Deadly to see our buddies at Pear get off to a flyer this year and landing something of a coup in signing a Plush Throw (aka D Tiffany and regularfantasy) track on their Pal Vol. 1 comp. It’s not actually out until the 12th of January but it been knock around online for a little while so we said we would throw it in.

Listen back to the Bukeepsie Boys here.

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