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After a few false starts and a whole hape of chinwagging about where next, rabble’s unique brand of gombeen slaying journalism will be popping back into print with a #rabble13 come mid-March. Just in time to drive the snakes out of Ireland once again. The next edition is gonna be our biggest yet, chock-a-block with more content than you’ll ever wipe your arse with. As always, it depends on a … Read More

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Hard To Trump Trudeau.

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Photo: Justin Trudeau back in 2013. Credit to Taha Ghaznavi via Creative Commons Last week, the media swooned over holier than thou Trudeau’s meeting with that evil orange monster Trump. Eoghan McNeill takes a look behind the quiff and glistening smile of the liberal’s favourite head of state. I’ll say this for Justin Trudeau: he is a very handsome man. And I’ll say that unreservedly. He has the smile, hair, gait and … Read More

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The Golden Boys of Irish Noise-rock.

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Above: A shot by photographer  Steve Gullick, taken from the band’s website. Last Friday the suicide and self-harm awareness charity Pieta House held a fundraising gig in Dublin’s Vicar St featuring a host of Irish acts. The line-up included Limerick-based hip-hop collective Rusangano Family, followed by four-piece folk innovators Lynched, with the near-peerless Girl Band headlining the event. Benny Profane sent us in this review. Now as my presence at … Read More

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Making Shit Of Our Rivers.

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  Above: This image encapsulates the problem – the writer is fly fishing on a stream that is choked up with plant growth, cattle look on with full access to the water and no fencing to protect the riparian zones. The farmer’s lobby group is one of the most powerful in the country and they instill a fear into our politicians against speaking out about the damage that farming practices … Read More

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Every Picket Helps.

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Above: Tesco workers in Artane. Taken from Tesco Workers Together facebook page. Tesco workers are out on strike again today at various locations across Ireland in order to prevent management from tearing up contracts of employment and imposing pay cuts of up to 20% without agreement. They’ve had great support from the wider public, and some celebs like Aiden Gillen and Anne Doyle. However, Tesco management are putting thousands of euro … Read More

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Catching Up After.

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Above: Clare Daly speaks to crowds behind the Dáil at a water protest back in 2014. One of the most viral pieces of media ever rabble has ever put out. Clare Daly has been one of the few, along with Mick Wallace and Luke “Ming” Flanagan, consistently raising the cacophony of corruption in An Garda Siochana even as others around them play willful ignorance and ridicule them. rabble sent Sean Finnan … Read More

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Muppet Media.

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Everyone’s favourite “dope-addled muppet” nailed how sections of the media ignored independents raising Garda malpractice. The Facebook firebrand said: “Mainstream journalism does not really accept the result of the 2011 general election. It does not accept the result of the 2016 general election. Unless you come from the old guard of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour then you are irrelevant in the eyes of mainstream media, with a few rare … Read More

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Ideology Not Evidence.

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Above: A picture from the SWAI Facebook page. The Sex Workers Alliance takes the government to task as the highly contested Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Bill passes into being. “The Government’s bill was driven by ideology not evidence. There was not meaningful consultation with this unique population carried out, and there was no baseline research done to be able to compare to in the future. Little if any attention was … Read More

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The Rhymes Of History.

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I don’t really know enough about the contemporary aspirations of planning culture now to comment. But if you look at Milton Keynes in the UK as a prime example of 60’s utopianism, its history is hilarious. I got given a tour about 10 years ago, when I was looking to do a project there. Its original planners were entrenched in new-age ideology. They even sited its main artery, Midsummer Boulevard, on the axis of the summer solstice sunrise.

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  Some killer anti-racist ragga dancehall from Sweetie Irie. Year unknown, definitely pre-1995 with a nod to junglists in the lyrics and a total lost classic.  Give it a listen, he doesn’t miss a mark and delivers a stern warning about smashing discrimination. Enjoy.