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7am O’Connell St.

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Benny Profane takes over this edition of our regular flash fiction column, and finds himself wandering around in the shadow of the spire with a raging comedown. Sounds familiar. Coming-to on O’Connell Street. It’s 7a.m on a Sunday morning in mid-March. I can’t remember at what point I left the rave. I’m in that delirious and tenuous twilight stage of inebriation; after the high and becoming more lucid but still … Read More

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Gombeen #13: The Box.

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Stephen Donnelly emerged on the national scene in 2011 as a white-hot ball of suburban middle class indignation. With his shiny suits and technocratic, apolitical style, he won followers for his ability to give our ruinous old establishment a bougie-common sensical dressing down. A couple of years would pass where he let his ego lap it up, before gradually the sheen started to come off. He notably voted for the … Read More

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Original Pirate Material.

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Above: Newspaper reports about Radio Sinn Fein from 1983 taken from the event page.  Activist Maureen Maguire will talk about the beginnings of the station in the Ballymun Towers, getting around Section 31 and attempts by the Gardai to shut them down. Ah yes, the romance of radio. The permanent revolution of podcasting means everyone (including their granny and last year’s Christmas tree…) is bating out spots on digital these days. This event … Read More

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Session Pixies: Holistic Lifestyle Column from #rabble13

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The Session Pixies are back from their annual winter sojourn in the gulags of D1 to deliver you some respite from your woes. Whether it’s questioning the depths of your masculinity or just seeking an alternative to a good ol’ Tumblr whinge, the Sessions Pixies have your ear. Dear Session Pixies, I got one of those new re-issues of the Nokia 3310 to get away from Facebook. It’s great an’ … Read More

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Uptown, Top Skanking.

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With Townlands Carnival beckoning this weekend, the lads at Rua Sound have put out a mix to get you into them festival vibes. It’s full of that 160 rolling goodness and features a few dubs from their extended fam. Sadly, we’ve yet to make it down to Townloands Carnival – but it’s Goat Shed, Riddim Shack and Sub Atomic line ups look bleddy ace. Save it for the car journey … Read More

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Is The ESB “Techwashing” Israeli Apartheid?

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Above: BDS campaigners in Dublin back in March 2016. Courtesty of the IPSC. With little fanfare, in May 2015 the ESB signed a contract with a start-up called Driivz to provide an “enhanced charge point management system” for electronic vehicles, basically the software that links EV chargers nationwide. Everyone loves eCars, they’re going to save the planet apparently, so what’s the problem you ask? Kevin Squires, National Coordinator of the Ireland-Palestine … Read More

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Culture Vultures.

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Above: Ian Hunter captures Smithfield Square over on Flickr. With plans well underway for yet another cultural qwartter in Parnell Square, Kerry Guinan warns us to be sceptical of Dublin city council’s love in with vulture fund Kennedy Wilson after the “culture” evaporated from Temple Bar and Smithfield Square quicker than the steam of piss behind the Hard Rock Cafe on Fleet Street. Past initiatives warn us that culture-led development in … Read More

All That Jazz.

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New Yorkers are campaigning for the repeal of a rather miserable Cabaret Law was brought into limit illegal boozing. According to critics, it was used to target inter-racial mingling in Jazz Clubs way back and still comes down heavy on minorities. The Dance Liberation Network, founded by one the Discwoman heads, is building a broad campaign to wipe the statute off the books. There are only 100 venues in the city … Read More

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Brick In The Wall.

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Broadstone – Iosta Na Cloiche Leithne – is a right bruiser of a building that sits over the no-place between the north inner city and Phibsborough. Eoin O’Mahony takes a look at how we fetishise old infrastructure. It’s a terminus, a prayer place, a station in need of a train. Until recently there was a half legible wooden sign near the traffic lights, “Rosary Recited, Very [sic] Sun. at 3pm … Read More