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Reflections On Apollo.

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  As the Apollo Story progressed, most of the press attention focused on the artists, and a very small number of organisers. However, the real story of Apollo House is and always was the volunteers, over 700 of whom gave up their time to make it what it was. A stark reminder that the current housing system is broken beyond repair, and that a better world is possible. Tommy Gavin talked to many of the volunteers for #rabble13. These are some of their stories.     We, this way. John, Resident (name changed): I stayed there [in Apollo House] for six days, … Read More

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Under Apollo.

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Apollo House captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands of people across the country in a month long occupation beginning before Christmas. Activists, artists and trade unionists occupied a NAMA building in Dublin city centre in a direct confrontation with the government. James Beggan and Tomas Lynch take a look at the housing network that held it all together. The Apollo House occupation organised thousands of volunteers, many of whom had no previous experience with activism but it was clear that there had to be some background grunt work holding the whole thing together. This behind the scenes grunt work … Read More

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Leprechaun Economics In The Hood.

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Above: Illustration by Mice Hell.  Noonan’s permanently constipated looking head might have shuffled off the political coil but what kinda nonsense economic policy has he left us with? Ireland’s corporate free for all, otherwise known as a foreign direct investment strategy model has been undermined by the EU commission’s damning report into Apple. Reports of a 26% growth in GDP have little basis in the actual productive economy of the state, and the term “leprechaun economics” has been coined to summate the shambles. Sean Finnan takes us through whether any of this is actually sustainable and asks what lies at … Read More

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Left In the Cold.

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Last year playwright Alan O’Brien won the PJ O’Connor Award for Best New Radio Drama with Snow Falls and So Do We. rabble sent Sean Finnan along to chat to Alan about the play and why he refused RTÉ permission to broadcast the drama. So I guess to start with, what’s the play about? It was inspired by the death of Rachel Peavoy. When that happened I was amongst many that were just appalled by the whole thing. Having experienced living in Ballymun, our empirical knowledge tells us that it’s impossible to die by hypothermia once the heating is on … Read More

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Frontier Psychiatry.

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The Wonder Eye: Meetings With Ivor profiles a pioneering and radical Irish Psychiatrist. Ivor Browne is celebrated as someone who played a public role in destigmatising mental illness, encouraging alternatives to the institutionalisation that characterised irish society. Caitriona Devery caught up with Alan Gilsenan to find out more about the making of the documentary. You’ve made socially engaged documentaries about mental health in the past – was this in the same vein? What brought you to Ivor Browne as a subject? It’s hard to say for certain. Generally, I work on instinct and gut rather than intellectualising things out of … Read More

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Dun Talkin.

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The reality music of Jinx Lennon shows us that we can engage with everyday life and not go under. Influenced as much by post punk and hip hop the Dundalk man is a different breed of singer songwriter altogether. He released two albums in 2016 after a six year break. We packed Martin Leen off up to Dundalk for a chat with the lad. So there has been a long hiatus of six years between National Cancer Strategy and you latest two albums. Is there any particular reason for that? There were a few things; I suppose I wasn’t that … Read More

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It’s Time To REIT!

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  Above: Political Moose served up this slice of satirical ink for #rabble13. With monstrous cranes leering over the Dublin cityscape, we can hear echoes of “the boom is back” in every back arsed bar in the country. As far as us rabblers  see it it, it’s not so much an economic recovery as a feeding ground for scavenging bastards like those real estate investment trusts. So, we decided to take a look at five nasty ways these vulture fund parasites are tearing the flesh from our bones and making a hames of the place. 1. Shit Student Ghettos Since 2015, the … Read More

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Meme Streets.

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Above: Credit to Holly Pereira for the illustration accompanying this in #rabble13. Make sure to check out more of her work at Few writers have scoured the sewers of chan culture with as keen an eye as Angela Nagle. Martin Leen  sat down with the writer who is making a name for herself the world over as the definitive voice on the internet subcultures that have given life to the alt-right.   You are working on a new book tentatively titled Kill All Normies: The Online Culture Wars From Tumblr to Trump. Would you be able to give us a crash in … Read More

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Rave Against The Machine.

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Photographer Matthew Smith’s Exist To Resist documents the history of activism and having it in the years before and after the infamous Criminal Justice Act of 1994. This was a cunning piece of legislation designed to wipe out rave culture in the UK. The project smashed through its initial ask on Kickstarter by doubling its target.  This isn’t another huckster making dollar off memory- it’s a sharp reminder of what we’ve lost. Rashers Tierney caught up with Matthew to talk branded protests and the enclosure of counter culture. Looking back these were a really powerful few years, however with my … Read More