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The poster for our event. Design: Ciaron Fitzpatrick

rabble is delighted to bring you Ruckus #2. Keep the 19th of November free as we’ll be raising the roof in King 7 on Capel Street.

Decent shut eye is advised before hand, as this night will be big, badass, and stomping. We’re kicking off at 8pm with some of the best contemporary punk bands around, with rocking riffs, hardcore guitars and punked-out melodies that will get the hooly started on the dancefloor. We’ll move on to blips and beats, with some of most exciting Djs and producers in the Dublin dance scene. Expect entrancing loops, twisted basslines, and glitchy beats that will get your legs kicking.

Fran Hartnett / Lakker / SunkenFoal / T-woc / Dubtones / Jobseekers / Section4


Loops, bass and bling//

Fran Hartnett ~ 2.00am http://soundcloud.com/fran-hartnett He started DJing at local youth clubs in his teens, but then discovered, and fell in love with rave and hardcore in the early ’90s. Without a doubt he is one of the most experienced artists in the Irish techno scene. With a Masters degree in Music Technology, 3 vinyl releases under his belt, and having supported world-famous acts like Surgeon and James Ruskin, this lad will get you jumping!

Lakker ~ 1.00am http://lakker.wordpress.com/ This duo brings together an astounding mix up of electronic themes, and have been solidly gaining notoriety around the country, with performances at Jigs n’ Rigs and the Belfast Electronic Festival. These lads know what a momentum build up is. Expect glitchy electronica morphing into hard as nails, high voltage BPM kick drums.

Sunken Foal ~ 12.00am http://www.myspace.com/wesunkthefoal Dublin act Sunken Foal consists of one Duncan Murphy and occasional friends and collaborators when they record or play live. Intensely evocative guitar-based electronic music, with piano, strings and occasional vocals which build up and then collapse under the weight of digital rhythms that twist and turn at every juncture.

T-woc ~ 11.00pm http://soundcloud.com/t-woc Mick Donohue aka T-woc is co-founder of The Alphabet Set, DJ, producer, record collector and general fan of all good music, but particularly reggae, dub, electronic, hip hop and mashed up beats. His ‘Delayed Responses’ series went down a storm among djs, press, and listeners alike, and his All City Records releases skanked it up bigtime with some tasty vocal input from the likes of Brother Culture.

Guitars, screams and ting//

Section 4 ~ 10pm http://section4.bandcamp.com/album/sure-this-is-it These 3 drunken alps are the epitome of punk DIY spirit. They’ve been playing since 2007, and have been releasing content for 2 years now. Mohawks, powered up music and quality punk messiness.

The Dubtones ~ 9pm http://www.myspace.com/dubtonesireland Formed in Shankill in 1999 “dubtones” began playing underground pubs and clubs in Dublin. They released their first record “one for the road” E.P. in June 06 and played many a gig in Ireland and festivals abroad. Noted for their high energy mix of punk, ska and reggae, The Dubtones have built up a large following and great reviews across the board.

Jobseekers ~ 8pm http://breakingtunes.com/jobseekers A 4 piece fast paced band from Dublin. They’ve only been around since 2010, but these lads have been getting quite a name for themselves in the Irish punk scene. _______________________________________________________________

Doors 8pm

Admission €5 before 10pm, €10 after. All proceeds go to the print costs of rabble.




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