Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed.

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Came across this little gem of musical documentary making over the weekend.

The scenes with Stiff Little Fingers are amazing, and the rooks come rolling hard. What’s nice about it is the sense of the punk scene’s immediate energy. It’s not judged on its legacy or weighed up by cultural historians or scene leaders looking back frustrated on their youth – rather it just happens in front of you on screen.

Hasan Shah & Dom Shaw’s fabulous long unseen movie of the post-punk period between 1978 and 1981 that is more than just a music record, featuring as it does the looks, the poses, the rucks, the riots and the slaggings of bands and their fans. Accompanied on DVD by a hilarious companion film called ‘Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed Re-visited (2005)’, with terrific footage of the Wasted Festival and some of the original bands 25 years on

Judge it for what it was.

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