Athens (photo: Sotiris Farmakidis)

Greek army promises not to intervene against a social uprising

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Athens (photo: Sotiris Farmakidis)

Athens (photo: Sotiris Farmakidis)

“At a certain moment, quite soon, there will be an explosion of social unrest”, says former Greek diplomat Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, “There are contacts by certain politicians with elements in the armed forces to guarantee that in the event of major social unrest, the army will not intervene.”

The reasons behind Greece’s present unrest is well known to us and illustrated by another quote from the former ambassador

“We do not have six months. If the EU is going to change something, they need to change it yesterday. We even have problems burying the dead because people cannot afford the funeral expenses.”

The Greek government, which has been crushing the people with crippling austerity at the behest of the European financial elite, is aware of the probability of unrest and desertion. Chrysanthopoulos says that the government has hired Blackwater, the American private military firm infamous for its activities in Iraq, and 5 more mercenary companies because

“The Greek government does not trust the police whose salaries have also been cut.”

Read the full story from The New Statesman here


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