Swabian Housewives Are Dangerous

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A few months ago, the German Chancellor held up the thrifty Swabian housewife as a poster girl for wise spending in a recession.

Well, a disgruntled socialist has taken dear Angela’s austerity analogy to its logical starved conclusion.

So the housewife finds that the books aren’t balancing. What does she do? She starts starving the whole household to death, starting with the kids. Then she stops sending them to school.

This is a traditional household where the man works. Only not anymore. The housewife tells her husband to quit his job. Why? Same reason they can’t send the kids to school: the money they spend on petrol is an expense and expenses must be cut.

She doesn’t kick her online gambling habit. She doesn’t make any kind of plan for getting the books balanced again, or figuring out what got them into this mess, or thinking about what brings in money. Even though she’s built up a load of debt already, her plan revolves around getting loans off the bank, the credit union, friends, family, the mob, anyone!

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