Paradise Lost

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Afghanistan 1967

Afghanistan 1967


In 1967, Dr. William Podlich took a two-year leave of absence from teaching at Arizona State University and began a stint with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to teach in the Higher Teachers College in Kabul, Afghanistan, where he served as the “Expert on Principles of Education.” His wife Margaret and two daughters, Peg and Jan, came with him.

This extensive collection of candid photographs opens a world lost to us, Afghanistan in 1967. Whatever the economic, geo-political and religious catalysts behind the changes that occurred in the last 45 years the contrasts between then and now could barely be more stark. Browse our gallery and then continue to the Podlichs’ own page for lots more stunning photographs from a time almost forgotten by the modern world.


  1. In 30 years time we’ll be looking at an album of Syria in 2009, a paradise before it was ruined by the CIA and their proxy ‘rebels’.

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