Peter Mathews TD (photo © Paul Reynolds)

The Splattering 2013. Shit hits fan at FG HQ

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Peter Mathews TD (photo © Paul Reynolds)

Peter Mathews TD (photo © Paul Reynolds)


Look who just lobbed a grenade into the jacks at Fine Gael Headquarters!

Peter ‘The Reluctant Blueshirt’ Mathews has just asked that they scrap the Property tax under an emergency budget and instead raise money through a 2.5% levy on corporation profits, a betting tax and a tax on income over €120,000!

Calling for taxation on the wealthy and the super-rich will endear the wayward Mathews to his increasingly frustrated party no end. While FG continue their policies of attacking the poor until the only ones left are those that can’t afford to emigrate it will come as an awful shock to hear one of their own calling for something reasonable like a modicum of tax on those whose wealth has increased hugely since the start of the so-called recession.

Mathews is the soft spoken star of many a night on Vincent Browne and political commentators often wonder aloud what it is he sees in continuing to support the party of thick necks, big farmers and multinational ass-lickers when he seems to have a decent bone in his body.

We’ll watch developments with interest.


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