Live from Jurassic Park: Teh Lulz ermahgerd! #oirsocm

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Oireachtas committee discuss social media

Oireachtas committee discuss social media

Unelected representatives talking about social media bullying. Hilarious stuff, mindless, overpaid goons in suits asking questions about ‘raping on facebook’ and ‘pornographic tweets’. Follow #oirsocm for serious lols

As usual it is Senator Healy Eames leading the way in farce.

“Literally, right now, our children are living in a parallel universe”

“Fraping, where you’re raped on facebook”

“Everyone should have a passport to go online”

RTÉ have asked that members turn off laptops and phones as they are interfering with the microphones. It is a total farce.

The good folks at Cedar Lounge Revolution have a look at what the whole fuss is about.

Watch live (rewind to the start of the player for the lot…)

One Labour senator wants us to have an online visa and wants the police to track ‘pornographic tweets’. Mindpiss.

If you are interested in watching stuffy old man in grey suits, choke on each www, ie and tweet that stumbles out of their mouth, hen there’s more  improvised comedy sessions ahead. The line up looks like this;

  • Tomorrow at  10 am with representatives from Facebook and Twitter
  • Wednesday, 13 March, 9:30 am  with representatives from the National Anti-Bullying Coalition
  • Wednesday, 20 March, 9:30 am with representatives from YouTube

Here’s some views from the twitter-machine that they’re trying to block.

And here’s our favourite senator:

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  1. passport? for the…Internet?….yet… i can shoot out 100 kids (no legal document or training required) if I want and not feed, clothe or love ANY of them, and they’d pat me on the back! logic…. well done lads… clap…clap….clap….

  2. we’d really recommend tuning in. doesn’t even know what websites it’s advertised on, seems the ‘office for internet security’ isn’t aware fully of the internet

  3. And you cannot report on their website because their AHEM, security certificate has expired.

  4. you wouldn’t find this in a circus “If somebody is to sign up to seek an IP address should they give their passport number, should they give their credit card number?” – Senator Coghlan

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  6. 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. I found that out by typing ‘youtube statistics’ into google. Pity our politicians can’t manage that on their state-funded iPads.

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