The Pope Needs Better Allies

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Bergoglio & Videla (head of the Junta)

Bergoglio & Videla (head of the Junta)

In his ongoing international defence of the new Pope David Quinn, of the Catholic think-tank Iona Institute and columnist for the Irish Catholic, Huffington Post and the Irish Independent has again relied on a dubious source. rabble investigates…

Following our report  – which revealed that his column ‘clearing’ the Pope of wrong-doing during his time as head of the Church under the Argentinian Junta was based on a fictitious Amnesty International report, Quinn has written a column for the Irish Independent quoting the President of the Supreme Court of Justice in Argentina, Ricardo Lorenzetti.

“Pope Francis ‘is completely innocent’ and was never suspected of being involved in violations of human rights committed during the military dictatorship.”

In fact, Lorenzetti said no such thing. What he actually said was:

“we must respect the presumption of innocence”

And that despite he being part of the official party to Rome to celebrate the Pope’s appointment the best Lorenzetti could declare was that  no concrete condemnation or charge had been leveled against the incumbent.

While the new Pope may indeed be entirely innocent of all allegations and could well be credited with the accolades he is being showered with it is not the time to obfuscate the history or disparage the truth-seekers.

Mr. Quinn may be correct in his support of the innocence of Bergoglio in previous immorality but the reliance of both his articles on premises which don’t exist needs to be challenged.

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  1. If only popes could have self respect, like this.

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