“A Catholic country”

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Image from the Vigil for Life marking Savita Halappanavar's death

Image from the Vigil for Life marking Savita Halappanavar’s death

The midwife manager on St Monica’s Ward at Galway University Hospital has confirmed that she told Savita Halappanavar that a termination could not be carried out because Ireland was a “Catholic country”.

Giving evidence to the Coroner, Ann Maria Burke said:

“She had mentioned the Hindu faith and that in India a termination would be possible”. She said the remark had “come out the wrong way and I’m sorry that I said it…I was trying to be as broad and explanatory as I could. It was nothing to do with medical care at all.”

Pro-life groups such as the American funded Youth Defence have stringently denied that the ‘this is a Catholic country’ phrase was ever used during Savita’s last days.


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  1. She was only telling the truth a bit brutal but never the less !

  2. Fair play to her for telling the truth after the hospital tried to hide her and denied that anything along those line had been said.

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