Is pink the new black in France?

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Poster depicts Taubira as King Kong

Poster depicts Taubira as King Kong

A poster calling for an anti-gay rights demonstration in Paris has been attacked as being racist after going viral overnight in the French ‘Twittersphere’.

The poster, designed by an anti-same sex marriage activist, depicts France’s Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira, who is black, as a raging gorilla/King Kong, overwhelmed by a flow of demonstrators from the “Manif Pour Tous,” the main anti-same sex organization. The slogan is a play on words: “manif monstre” can mean ‘giant demo.’

The picture, posted on Monday night, was retweeted and commented massively by anti-gay rights activists and by both outraged anti- and pro-same sex marriage activists.

source Euronews




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