#soapbox: Dark and Dangerous Rhetoric.

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If yiz missed the ‘Speak Out Against Homophobia’ protest over the weekend, then have a lunchtime listen to what people were saying online.

Back in August 2012, we took a look at some of the work of BelongTo with young asylum seekers. David Carroll of  the youth group gave this short and stark address:

The events of the last few weeks, I can tell from the signs and the t-shirts, how they have made you feel. If, like me, you probably felt frustrated, concerned, angry even I want to ask you to imagine – or in most cases if like me you remember what it was like to be 15, LGBT and not yet out – what message would you take from the events of the last two weeks?

Every time that you heard the dark and dangerous rhetoric that our lives are less valuable, less valid and less equal than that of heterosexual peers, it has a dangerous effect on the young people BelongTo works with…

Listen to all the speeches at Liam Geraghty’s Soundcloud page.

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