Shatter Resigns

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Alan Shatter has resigned as Minister for Justice in a shock late night announcement. He decided to jack the whole lot in after a hape of pints with Mick Wallace.

Speaking to reporters gathered outside Buswell’s Hotel, the controversial Minister ran his fingers through his hair, pulled on a pair of glasses and pointed at the journos saying:

“I want to live like common people, I want to do whatever common people do, I want to sleep with common people, I want to sleep with common people, like you.”

To the amazement of onlookers he then knocked the hat off a passing Garda and ran down Molesworth Street arm-in-arm with the pink-shirted Wallace shouting ‘A.C.A.B. Olé, Olé, Ole!’



  1. If it wasn’t the date it was..,still we can dream…

  2. The DPP s office, AG s office top gardai all need to be investigated by people from outside this country, over malpractice, stitch ups and collusion among themselves that has been going on for years. The DPP s office is made up of solicitors who are obliged to report criminal offenses, Is stitching up a person for musrder not a criminal offense ? and unlawfully recording calls?

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