#rabbleReels: Conventos De Vergüenza.

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Angela - an inmate at 15 of the Sacred Heart convent of Castlepollard

Angela – an inmate at 15 of the Sacred Heart convent of Castlepollard

Conventos De Vergüenza is a documentary produced by French filmmakers in 1998 with a title that translates as convents of shame.

It reveals through interviews with survivors how tens of thousands of ordinary young women and girls were condemned to exile within their own country, Ireland.

Most of them were ‘unmarried mothers’, many others orphans. In the eyes of the Catholic Ireland of their time, they were sinners. One of the interviewees, a woman called Angela said:

It was a terrible shame you brought on your family and the nuns repeatedly told us, over and over again that we were there to do penance for our sin.

To atone for their ‘mistakes’, they were shut up in convents of various denominations under the strict authority of nuns. Some of them stayed there for life.


  1. “In the time of the Catholic Ireland of the time” AND THE POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT OF THE TIME LETS NOT FORGET!! I’m pretty disgusted that the political responsibility of these injustices are rarely highlighted, although they accommodated, facilitated and conspired in allowing these atrocities to occur. These people also need to be held accountable and shamed for their atrocious leadership and management of our social infrastructure in this time, for supporting and accommodating there grip on our societies and allowing these conducts to prevail.

    But I suppose thats not what we’re being told to think about or being highlighted or encouraged as the popular or fashionable institution to bash.

  2. Absolutely disgraceful I hope those responsible are else accountable. Not just the nuns but the families of these poor souls the abandoned and disowned

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