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This is Emmet O’Neill. He’s the nephew of media baron Denis O’Brien and was recently appointed to the board of Topaz alongside our glorious ex-Taoiseach, the big ignorant whatever from Offaly.

Given the media hysterics about our dear democracy being threatened by the mob, what do some of those on receiving end of protest think?  Topaz is being targeted because of Uncle Denis’s connection to meter installers GMC Sierra. So here’s a few tid bits of political philosophy from Emmet back in January 2012 when he was boss man at Smiles.

“What frustrates me is the constant bad news in the media. It drives me mad. I feel what we need is a five year period of dictatorship, sort it all out, give it back to us and not allow anyone to have an opinion.”

“Ah sure maybe he’s only codding,” says no one ever as our collective jaws drop.  He’s punted the idea around before too.  Look at that smile. He loves the idea. Maybe he picked it up in his UCD BComm?

Props to Johnny Leaflet on Facepuke for the tip-off.


  1. A UCD business graduate! Enough said. Those chaps were born in suits, educated thinking the have a God given right to be exempt from the others in society! Todate have never taken a UCD graduate seriously!

  2. Mass boycott of Smiles dental. That would give him some fucking bad news the pratt

  3. I would love for someone to do a website with a flowchart showing all these connections.

  4. He actually says in the interview that he thinks we (Ireland, I guess) ‘should have a five year dictatorship’ to SORT everything out. No way Jose. Can you imagine the moron he has in mind for being his ‘dictator’. The mind fff-ing boggles.

  5. In hindsight, he has a point: bring the Troika or a UN agency back to investigate political corruption, excessive TD salaries and pensions, nepotism, cronyism, quangos and why the hell we don’t have a big rain barrel.

  6. ‘6. What changes would you like to see happen in Ireland?

    I think we need a benevolent dictator to come in, tidy up the mess
    and hand back the country in five or seven years … perhaps our next

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