Intimidation Nation.

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Claims are emerging that a private security firm has been doing the hard man act on residents who are opposed to Irish Water in Dublin 7. One resident has come forward while Paul Murphy has raised concerns in the Dail.

In a statement issued by the Stoneybatter Against The Water Tax campaign Mick Mooney describes what happened.:

“Today in Dublin 7, Guardex, the private security firm hired by Irish Water, threatened numerous peaceful campaigners in Stoneybatter. One local resident, Mick Mooney, was on his way to work when he was pinned against a wall by three private security guards and told ‘I’ll get you. You don’t know who you’re messing with.’ They then showed him a photo of his car and its number plate. Several women in the campaign were told by private security that they’d find out where they live.”

Another post on their page earlier in the day mentioned:

“A large number of local residents have contacted us seeking the number for Irish Water in order to lodge complaints about how people are being denied access to their homes, feeling frightened and intimidated by large groups of workers standing directly outside their front doors and windows, the blocking of footpaths particularly for those with prams, in wheelchairs, or with walking aids and interference with the water supply on some streets. You can call them at 1890 278 278. Please let us know the response that you receive.”

Paul Murphy also relayed the incidents in the Dáil a few hours ago. There was a number of arrests in the area, with one man arrested just for capturing what was happening on tape. The group is calling for people to support them in the morning.

Give the Stoneybatter and Phibsboro pages a like to get updates from the area.


  1. Amazing isin’t it that they have no interest and don’t want to discuss it.. Do you recon this is true that IW has hired security for water meter installers ?

  2. What’s the point of the Dail if you can’t really day anything of importance?

    1. This is the beginning of our Nazi regime and our human rights being dissolved, we cry out loudly when we read or see it happening in far off places like Africa and the Middle East and here it’s happening right on our own doorstep and is being orchestrated by Enda And Denis o Brien , it’s just history repeating itself and we as a nation are letting it happen.

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