#rabbleChoons: Surface Tension.

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This landed in our inbox a few days ago and has been earworming us ever since. Another blistering release from Limerick’s hiphoppywotyoucallit scene – strong on beats and lyrically sharp.

Murli could well be familiar to you from stepping up on the mic with God Knows  and mynameisjOhn at any number of gigs over the past year. He also appeared on the Rusangano/Family release late last year. In the presser that came with it Murli talks about a lyrical inspiration rooted in life experience:

“With no job, no money, and hence an eternity of time on my hands, I entered a stage of deep reflection. I started to question my earlier choices in life, and my overall role in society. What have I got to do to be more like the people around? What have I got to do to get to their levels? What’s wrong with the world? How come society seems to be on a downward slope at a time when we have achieved so much in terms of technological development, among others?”

The 24-year-old is based down in Limerick, Ireland but of Togolese descent – the release sees production from the likes of mynameisjOhn and Naïve Ted.

Check out Murli on Bandcamp and give him a follow on Facebook.

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