Wallace Tale of Bagmen Drives Enda BaNAMAs.

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Mick Wallace has upset the cronies with more revelations on the “inner workings of this secret organisation” – NAMA.

Addressing the hapless Enda Kenny at Leaders’ Questions today Wallace, who has done for NAMA what Catherine Murphy TD did for Irish Water, claimed that one NAMA insider provided favour for a developer in exchange for €15,000 in a bag.

“There are many concerns, Taoiseach around the workings of NAMA. Cerebus expects to make a large fortune from the purchase of Project Eagle. The seven million that ended up in an Isle of Man bank account will (begin?) to look like small change. The big loser though is the Irish taxpayer in the south. Nama says that the sale of Project Eagle was lawful. But was the purchase lawful? I would expect a Fine Gael government would have a bit more concern about such money for fixers. I doubt Taoiseach that you’ve heard the last of Project Eagle.

Taoiseach my first question to you, do you know how many barristers, judges, solicitors, Top 4 accountancy firm partners and bankers are in syndicates set up by Goodman Stockbrokers, Anglo Private, Bank of Ireland Private, AIB Private, Davey, Warren and Quinlan? Which have transferred to NAMA but which NAMA have not enforced despite personal guarantees being attached.

Taoiseach, NAMA is responsible for some people being tossed out of their homes but it looks like some of the great and good of Irish society are blessed with NAMA’s goodwill.

My second question to you Taoiseach. What role did a former Secretary General of the Dept. of Finance (see video) play in NAMA’s handling of the Corin Group portfolio. This gentleman remarked at one stage that the number of home repossessions in Ireland was ‘unnaturally low’. It would appear that he was unnaturally interested in playing a significant role in the outcome of the Corin Group portfolio.

Taoiseach, all is not well. I know of a construction company, Taoiseach, who wanted to exit out of NAMA. So they asked the manager of portfolio could this happen? ‘Yeah’ he says ‘but it’ll cost you €15,000 in cash and I want it in a bag’. [Ceann Comhairle interrupts telling Wallace to go to the Gardaí] A few weeks later they delivered the money and a few weeks later he demanded the same again, they duly obliged and all was sorted. A small window into the workings of NAMA. Are you still happy, Taoiseach, with the workings of this secret society.”

Kenny responds with the usual waffle about public accounts committees.

Wallace responds by excoriating NAMA’s lies about the alleged bribes in the North. Ceann Comhairle interrupts and says he won’t allow questions that the Taoiseach can’t answer.

“I don’t want this to appear as some sort of Star Chamber.”

Wallace ignores him, correctly. Kenny comes back with more waffle, and actually told the House that “there are no allegations against NAMA”.

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