Castlecomer Communism.

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Looking for something to listen to as you wind in the last working hours before the weekend? Give the latest podcast from our old mucker Fin Dwyer a listen.


It’s about the land war, secret societies and coal in his home town of Castelcomer. Here’s what he has to say about it:

“In the aftermath of the famine the people of Castlecomer were shell-shocked, reeling from years of death, disease and emigration. However by the 1880s this had changed. When yet another famine threatened in 1879, and landlords threatened eviction, tenants across Ireland rose up in rebellion. The miners of Castlecomer, not to be left behind, launched the Great Coal Strike of 1881. Hear this fascinating story here in this latest episode of Secret Societies, Communism and Coal – Life in the Castlecomer Colliery.”

Stream it over here.

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