They Get Knocked Down.

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They’re knocking down the Ballymun towers again. Well, kinda.

The 4th Act is a forthcoming feature documentary looking at the relationship between memory and regeneration in Ballymun.

As part of the production they’ve built a scale model of the seven towers before they were knocked and the existing population rehoused in humongous regeneration process costing almost €1 billion.

“The model stretches the entire length of Tesco and features scale reproductions of all seven towers, all the eight-storey and four-storey blocks, as well as other iconic Ballymun locations such as the roundabout and shopping centre and the famous shop vans. To give a sense of the scale, each fifteen-storey tower is over six feet high.”

According to Turlough Kelly the director of the project:

“So far, the model has garnered a complex emotional response from locals; anyone interested in Irish urban history is advised to come and check it out before it disappears (again).”

Tomorrow’s the last chance to see the model in the former Tesco unit of the shopping centre.

It’ll be open to the public from 12 noon til 5pm.

Nifty promo videos too. We’re looking forward to this one.

Give the project page on Facebook a look for local history tidbits and other gold.

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