Green Ribbon Month.

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May is Green Ribbon month, when people wear green ribbons to show they’re thinking about, and willing to talk about, mental health. There are many films out there that focus on mental health, often very ignorantly, sometimes just plain offensively.

So when a film like Two Days One Night comes along, it is all the more special. Two Days One Night is a film about a woman, Sandra, who returns to work after being on sick leave only to find her job is gone.

Her boss strikes her a deal, if she can convince her 16 coworkers to not take their bonuses, she can have her job back. The film follows Sandra as she struggles to convince her coworkers to forgo their bonuses, while at the same time trying to hold her health together.

The film balances an honest portrayal of depression, with a surprisingly engaging and empowering story.

See the trailer above and take a look at the Green Ribbon site here.

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