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The Gaze International LGBT Film Festival Dublin returns to the Lighthouse Cinema this bank holiday weekend, Mog Kavanagh has lined up some recommendations…

1. Viva.

Paddy Breathnach rides the crest of this current wave of quality Irish cinema with Viva, a film about a young aspiring drag queen in Cuba. Viva won the audience award at the Dublin International Film Festival, definitely worth a watch!  Catch it on Friday 29th July, at 8:30pm.



2. Girls Lost.

Girls Lost is on Saturday the 30th July at 6:30pm. This looks mad, in the best way possible. A surreal genderqueer fairytale about three girls whodrink nectar from a plant that turns them into boys for a day. It’s the Irish Premiere, so that’s all I can say about it for now.


3. Kiki.


Kiki takes a fresh look at the scene that was made famous in the 1990 doc Paris is Burning. If you haven’t seen Paris is Burning cop on to yourself, the full thing is on youtube. Catch Kiki on Saturday 30th July at 8:30pm.


4. Southwest Of Salem.

For anyone who liked Making a Murderer, Southwest of Salem is another documentary involving the Innocence Project. This time the case involves four lesbians accused of gang-raping two girls in a Satanic ritual. It’s also the Irish Premiere on Sunday 31st July at 8:30pm

5. Shorts.

There are five different shorts programmes in Gaze this year, these programmes are great for catching up-and-coming directors or films that are a bit out there and would find it difficult to get funding. These are the Iris Prize Anniversary Shorts, Men’s Shorts Programme, The Irish Collection: Irish, Shorts Programme, Trans Shorts and the Women’s Shorts Programme.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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