Help A Dude Out.

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Things have been a tad quiet around here of late, we’re burning the candle with a blow torch on all ends at the moment hurtling through lay out for this fabled #rabble13.

This came into us over the weekend and it seems appropriate given the day that’s in it. 17 years in fact to today that they set the miserable allowance for those trapped in Direct Provision.

In that vein, one of our readers Jonna Thompson got in touch. We’ll let her take it from here:

“I am an artist working with asylum seekers based in the Direct provision centre at Knockalisheen. One of the asylum seekers has lost the use of his computer, now he is very stressed out and I am making an open call for a used computer someone might have that they don’t need.

This man is in his thirties, is from Zimbabwe and has spent more than four years already in the inhumane system that is Direct provision. He is extremely talented and hardworking, but of course he doesn’t have the right to ‘work’. Still he keeps on working at his deep house music every day- until now. He used to work as a graphic designer and is really interested in drawing, he will be exhibiting his work at the Thomond Park event, Every Child is Your Child. We are also looking to have an exhibition in Limerick City and have applied to the Feile An Phobail in Belfast.

Until recently he lived at a DP centre in the heart of Limerick City, suddenly it was closed down and he was moved to the remote Knockalisheen, no more nights out in Limerick- a taxi is 10 euros more than half of his weekly ’pay.’ He really needs a computer to keep in touch with friends and loved ones- please help if you can. Nobody gets used to living in this system, it’s criminal that we are keeping people shut away in such miserable conditions.”

Above is a sample of the guy’s artwork. We’ve heard a track too, it’s boomy bassy and deep. Can anyone help the dude out?

If some drop us a line via the contact form.

Take a look back at our direction provision coverage here.


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