Print your own dubplates.

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The record stores won’t like this.

We took a gander at the resurgence of vinyl sales in our first issue last year.  Now, while this video above might be purely speculative it does suggest Star Trek looks pretty much to be around the corner.

In an effort to boldly 3D print where no man or woman has 3D printed before, I’ve created a technique for converting digital audio files into 3D printable 33rpm records and printed some functional prototypes over the weekend.  These records play on regular turntables, with regular needles, at regular speeds, just like any vinyl record.  Though the audio output from these records has a sampling rate of 11kHz (a quarter of typical mp3 audio) and 5-6bit resolution (mp3 audio is 16 bit), it is still easily recognizable, check out the video above to hear what it sounds like.

The dude that came up with this has even posted a guide over on instructables about how to do it. And I thought that Ikea hack was hard…

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