Women To Blame.

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This weekend (after the March for Choice) you can catch an exhibition documenting the struggle to oppose the 8th Amendment.

Over four decades, women in Ireland have been subject to repression, shaming and criminal sanctions in their attempts to express their sexuality and reproductive rights. Women’s bodies have been the subject of Tribunals, Referendums, accusations and censorship. Women to Blame visually represents the events before, during and after the Eighth Amendment when, article 40.3.3. was inserted into the Irish Constitution.

This multi-media exhibition at The Complex in Dublin is part of the March for Choice Afters programme which coincides with the 2015 Global Day of Action for Access to Abortion. Hosted by the Abortion Rights Campaign and co-curated by Re(al)-Productive Health, our collective aim is to contextualise the ongoing struggle for sexual liberation and access to contraception and abortion in Ireland through this important historical lens.

Women to Blame is on show at 4-6pm on Friday 25th and 4-11pm on Saturday 26th September 2015 in The Complex, 15 Little Green St, Dublin 7. All welcome.

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