James Browne Gives NUIG Kids Cold Sweat.

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Above: Photo NUIG. Tweets report NUIG President James Browne’s address to the Students’ Union Council regarding the repeat fee increase. Rebecca Melvin is the NUIG SU Vice President

NUIG keeping the recovery going as College authorities squeeze another couple of hundred thousand out of the students.

NUIG Students got an email last Friday telling them that the repeat exam flat fee has been increased from €195 to €295. The Bursar, Mary Dooley wrote that this increase will bring the fee “into line with average repeat fee levels in other Irish universities” – in fact it’ll now be the highest in the country.

4,000 repeat exams occur in NUIG each year. President James Browne addressed the Students’ Union Council for over an hour after the announcement.

The students have shared an online petition calling for the fee hike to be scrapped. You can sign it here.

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