Xmash Stocking Filler Magic!

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Heading into the season of pure Crispmas shopping madness out there! So, we’ve done ye all a favour and updated our online shop with pure stocking filler magic. Bringing you TWO WEAPONS GRADE A3 ORT PRINTS on high quality 300 GSM Woven Grehani paper stock.

First up is the Lying Seagulls public service announcement campaign. It featured in #rabble14 and had everyone cawing. The other is a classic gombeen ilo from #rabble5 by Mice. It was part of a piece looking at the evolution of our miserable Irish business class.

There’s goodie bags of badges, stickers, #rabble14 and the prints up for sale too. Last postal dates for Ireland are December 20th and you can check the others here. So, get your shouts in swift and we’ll pop em out pronto.

Head over to the store and knock yourselves out.

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